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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

More soap? and Shearing Day! Yea!

Don't you laugh~~~~~~~~~~~

Shearing day was a great success! Next I will clean and sort the flecces deciding on what blends I want to do this year. The animals are ever so happy to have their wool coats off for the warmer months..

Today I will add another new batch of goats milk soap to the shop. Yes, I have made more! This time I have decided to package 2.5 oz bars in these beautiful spring colored organza bags. I now have about a total of 200 plus bars of newly made wonderful goat milk soap. I have added many of them to my etsy shop for the summer months. My spinning seems to taken a back seat this time of year do to the farm and garden work. I'm not complaining, I love being outside this time of year and through the summer months. So for now it will be soap, soap and more soap! Of course there will be some spinning, just not as much as through the winter months. I say that now, but when all that wool is cleaned from shearing day I will not be able to keep my hands off of it. As always call to visit the farm and shop and watch my FB page and blog for listed days that we will be open.