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Friday, April 9, 2010

FREE-GIVE-WAY It's a spring fling!

This will be our new spring give-a-way! "The Heart And Hand Collection book, written by MYSELF and my good friend Beth! But there is a catch this time. You must be a follower of the blog and in the comment section under this post click on it and list your favorite things! This will give me the opportunity to learn about all of you and I may pick up some titles of some great books and movies! So it's a trade this time. The drawing will be in the weeks to come. So c'mon lets have fun with this, sign up and leave a list of your favorite things. If you have trouble doing so on the blog page and its impossible for you to sign up, facebook your favorite things to me on my wall or e-mail me! By signing up you can follow the blog and look for the next free give-a-way. This book is for everyone, not just a fiber book, a craft/cooking/gift giving and more book. Read the description below. Drop me a line if you have any questions.

****************Simplicity at it's best********************

This is a book put together by two friends. Myself and a good friend that I share a lot of common interest with Beth.Its a back to basic book filled with ideas from the heart.

We met years ago and found that we had a lot in commom such as colleting baskets, cooking, quilting, knitting, gardenting and just about anything that had to do with hand made. In 1994 we decided to share our ideas so the Heart and hand Collection was born and copyrighted. Filled with family recipes that are wonderful yet fast and spimple with mostly few ingrediants, gift giving how too's and ideas, hints such as energy and cleaning tips.

Its really a back to basics book, to simplify your life. Everything in the book comes from family members passed down, friends, or Beth and myself.

Included are a couple of authentic Amish hardy recipes from my very good Amish friends from PA.

Its a book of love from our hands to yours.

Some of the recipes included are:
Dill garlic basil vinegar
Southern Barbeque sauce
Chocolate bread
cornmeal pancakes
brown sugar syrup for pancakes
whoopie pie
herbal pork chops
chicken delight

Also are gift giving ideas from the home such as:
simple bath oils
wrapping paper
cinnamon cut outs
spicey mixed nuts
finger paints
pomander balls
simple potpourris

Included are conversion charts, substitution charts,
simpliefied measuring charts,
Commom cause of failure in baking suggestions
meet cut charts and more

This little book filled with BIG ideas is a great book for your own home or as a gift to a special friend.

Everything included is fast easy and wonderful!

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Secret Life of Bee's Garden Shed

Happy Monday! Happy Spring!

Well, I did it! Those of you that know me well know that the book and movie "The Secret Life of Bee's" is a favorite of mine! I have said I would love the Caribbean pink house that the movie takes place in. I guess It's a kind of fantasy of mine. So I decided to paint the garden shed pink. I couldn't find the exact paint called Caribbean pink so I went with paradise pink. It does the job. Mike then trimmed out the shed, put a new door on because our ram had lived in the shed and we cut a small door in the door for him. Mike then added widows, there was only chicken wire. It was then painted pink with white trim and there it sits in the middle of the barn red barns, surrounded by paddocks. As we sat with a cup of coffee and the end of Saturday watching our lettuce grow all the animals came and looked through the fences as if to say, "now you've gone to far" I also wonder what Spankey our ram would say if he could see his old homestead? hmmmm? In any case I love my Secret Like of Bee's garden shed and plan to enjoy many a morning and evening sitting next to it enjoying life.