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Saturday, September 22, 2012

FAF Fiber Arts Friday project....Enjoy

Hi Everyone! Here I am today Saturday for FAF Fiber Arts Friday! A day late and a dollar short as the saying goes!
So anyway my project for this week is so adorable for the fall fashion! Really fast to knit and assemble. Its a knitted bow headband for the hair. These work up really fast and will make great gifts for the holiday.
All you need is some wonderful soft handspun or mill spun worsted weight yarn. I used some alpaca for the brown bow shown and a sheep/angora painted yarn for the other bow.
Sz 8 or 9 knitting needle
and a sz 5.5 mm crochet hook or whatever sz close to this that you have.
CO 13 st and do a seed st or whatever st you like and knit for 5"
BO off in pattern that st you chose.
Next CO 5 st and knit in chosen pattern st for 3" BO
Sew the 3" knitted piece around the center of the 5" knitted piece to make a bow
Now crochet 4 to 6 chains( 6 make it thicker to use as a light earwarmer) long enough to go around the wearer's head and tie.
Simply slide the ends of the crochet chains through the middle of the 3" knitted piece and VIOLA!
A wonderful hair decoration!
The bow can be slid to wherever you like. Adorable! 

I hope you try these hair bows. In person they are adorable and you cannot help but knit more! Imagine it on an infant, toddler, teen or adult! Size the bow according to the wearer! Try just one and you'll be hooked.

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Happy End of Summer to you XO Fall has been in the air and it's a wonderful thing!