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Saturday, September 25, 2010

A peek at the goings on today on the farm...Come on by! National Alpaca Weekend

Here is a peek at what you will see here this weekend! We have an educational tent set up with displays, of course the animals will be here to greet you, Mike will be turning bowls, I will be spinning and tending shop..Join us for a farm fun weekend. So far we have had the nicest folks come by, very interested in what we do here. We love to share our farm, so come on by..

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Needle felted pumpkin class!

Yea! I'm going to offer needle felted pumpkin class Sunday mornings! Per requests. It will be alternate Sunday mornings from knitting. Time 11:30, cost 20.00. We'll felt a pumpkin together for class then you will go home with enough supplies to felt 2-3 more! Call early, 1,2, or 3 in a class. This will be offered right through November. Call soon! Maybe we'll do needle felted Santa's for November and December. E-mail with your thoughts on that...
Check the left column for class schedule and events. Happy Fall my friends.

Fall brought with her a bunch of raspberries?

What a surprise! Raspberries on the bush in September. Actually the first day of fall brought this handful of raspberries to me this morning Thank you Fall and welocme to our farm. Thank you Fall! I see there are many more on the bush that are just turning...Is it me or is the first day of fall a little late to have a crop of raspberries? I have lots of yellow and orange leaves on the trees all around me and red berries on the bush! Has anyone ever heard of this? I'm truly baffled..Mother Nature has surprised me again. One of the reasons I adore her.....Happy Fall to all.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Farm fun weekend - National Alpaca Weekend

Our Open House for National Alpaca Days is this weekend! September 25th and 26th. The following farms have worked together to put together a day of farm fun. All the farms will be open (free) to educate the public on small scale farming and raising alpacas among other farm animals. Displays,farm shops, alpaca products demos, and loads of farm fun. Brochures or farm cards will be available here for additional farms and their address.... Here on our farm we will also offer a knitting circle, bring your knitting and sit and join in some knitting and maybe meet some new knitting friends. We will also have a number of hands on activities to help educate you as to what we do here. I hope to see you. Farm On!And good luck to all my farm friends!

*Dream Come True Farm, 82 Freeman Rd., Oxford

*Alpacaboose Farm at 12 East St. Oxford

*Alpaca Hill Farm, 8 Willow St. Seymour

*Coon Hollow Farm, located at 156 Punkup Rd. in Oxford

*Hubbell Farm at French’s Corner 61 East Village Rd. in Shelton (White Hills)

*Simple Gifts Farm, 1135 James Farm Rd. Stratford

Monday, September 20, 2010

Bragging again!

Im sorry to be bragging again, well maybe Im not really sorry. Im jumping for joy! Another Dream Come True item has been chosen for the Etsy Treasury page (naturally beautiful itmes). My hand carded alpaca batting for spinning!! My alpaca boys are so happy with themselves too! Click on the title above to be directed to the Treasury page

National Alpaca weekend here Spetember 25th and 26th

We will be celebrating our love for our alpacas this coming weekend. National Alpaca weekend is September 25th and 26th 10-5. Shop open with lots of new alpaca products,educational displays, questions welcome, visit our alpacas and other farm animals.Bring your knitting and sit and knit, meet new knitters and maybe new friends! Join us for a wonderful farm day! Other area farms will also be open for visits, pick up a brochure here with participating farm names and addresse so that you visit these farms as well, making this a wonderful farm fun weekend!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

You just never know..........

Opening today was great. It started out very slow until Kate and her firend Mary showed up! The girls visited with the animals and as you will see were welcome in the barn yarnd. Dahli Llama who doesn't let anyone touch him, he's a hands off kind of guy let Kate pet, rub and kiss him. He blew kisses right back to her and loved the attention. All the other critters were quite interested in these visitors as well. There was some great kisses and rubbing going on until Mary decided to come between Dahli and his girlfriend Kate. Well, as you can see he let Mary pet him and then SPIT! Yes, he spit. Not a ugly smelly green spit (thank god) but a spit just the same. Mary was such a good sport even while it brought a mighty large laugh from myself and Kate! Another day in the barnyard, you just never know with that Dahli Llama. Mary purchased some yarn to make a couple of scarves, but I did notice none of the yarn was Llama, hmmmmmmm...
I guess Kate told folks on the way out that this was the place to visit becasue wow, we got busy for the last hour and a half. One right after another! As always the most wonderful people stop at this farm! Thanks to all the visitors today! And a special thanks to Kate and Mary who really sparked things up in the barnyard! Anytime girls, and Mary please come back!

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Newest gift items!

Hi all, its 2 am and here I am. I just had to get all these little knitted squares in the washing machine to get them felted tonight! And in the shop for tomorrow! A little OCD, maybe? I have decided I would like to make these felted coasters that I'm teaching as a beginner knitting class for the holidays in all the holiday colors. These will make such great hostess gifts and grab bag gifts. A simple but useful gift. Here are just a few that will be going into the shop.