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Monday, December 27, 2010

Storm Adrian 2010!

This is New England after all. Last night storm Adrian came through with a blast! The winds were howling with such force that at times it was scary. I'm always worried about a tree coming down. The animals stayed inside for the most part. There were not to many foot prints in the snow this morning when we went out to dig them out. Thankfully Mike had taken today as his last vacation day of the year. Unfortunate for him he spent the better part of the day digging us out! All of the woollies were so grateful to have the all terrain vehicle drive up and down and all around their paddock to make paths so that they could get around easier. Its mostly done for the sheep. My Babydolls have extra short legs and couldn't get around this kind of snow.We had at least a foot with 2-3 foot drifts in some areas. All in all everyone was happy to get out and do some running around in the snow. Well, the alpacas ran and kicked up their heels, the sheep kind of just strolled around eating snow, covering their faces with it! Tonight everyone was quite content when I fed them, tucked inside the barn where the wind cant get at them. We all survived storm Adrian. I guess 2010 wanted to go out with a blast! So this week snow shoeing is on the list of things to do! I hope everyone came through the storm as well as we did.