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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Life is good at Dream Come True Farm!

The sounds of soft humming coming from the alpacas in the paddock area this evening was like a spring song. The alpaca, sheep and goats were ever so content. Just hanging around right before dusk. The alpacas had just finished up with a game of tag. Running back and forth from one end to the other, ever so graceful. The goats ran after them kicking up their heals with a maaaa every now and then. The sheep however just stood in the doorway of the barn watching, wondering when it will all end so that they can go back to munching on their hay and not feel they missed out on the evening fun. The llamas ignored all the antics this evening and laid contently off to the side and out of the way. I love when the critters are all so happy, playing and enjoying the life we provide for them. Their actions tell me they appreciate the time and work that goes into them daily. The alpacas come close,sniff me and give little blown kisses on my cheek. The sheep look at me with little smiles and the goats almost literally hug me. The llamas stand tall and sniff my head and finally a kiss blown on the top of my head. I hug and blow kisses back of course. Life is good this evening at Dream Come True Farm

The joy of sprouts!

The cold frame is doing its job and sprouting the lettuce and spinach! Such tiny little seedlings. Tiny, but strong and growing each day. The joy of watching the sprouts mature! I love these seed packages don't you? So old fashioned and inviting looking. Can you imagine 20 cents a package! Think of all the greens Im going to have for just 20 cents. It thrills me!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring things...

Now that the early garden crops are in the cold frame I know that spring is near. I have put in baby spinach, various lettuces, and arugula. Now we wait for the tiny little sprouts to sprout. Another sign of spring. Today I will spin for most of the day! I started at 6:30 this morning. I should get a number of skeins done if all goes as plans. A huge shipment is due this week of various colored alpaca roving so I need to settle in and concentrate on spinning Of course the yarns will be up on Estsy in my shop once they are all washed and set! So here I go off to spin some more. No more breaks today.(well maybe)

This weekend my friend and I took a class for Psanky Eggs. The black egg in the nest is my first Psanky egg that I have done! It's a real egg blown out and then the Psanky technique is applied. It was a blast. The eggs in the wooden bowl are my collection of hand painted wooden eggs. The nests my collection also! Notice the horse tail hair in the tiny, maybe humming bird nest? And the wool in the front nest. i put wool out each spring in an old suet holder for the birds to pull from for their nest. Then to my surprise when a nest blows from the trees, there is my wool! I also save some brushing from the horses tail and stuff that in with the wool. The birds love it!! Always pulling from it after a meal at the feeder! So anyway, when my wood eggs come out this usually means spring is around the corner. So hand in there I hear spring weather will grace us this week!