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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday January 26th, 2011

Well, today we had more snow, with more expected tonight. Most likely a total of possibly another 14 inches! I must admit I'm getting quite use to it. Its very pretty, with mounds of snow and paths shoveled all over the farm. In the first picture I'm sharing my winter arrangement scene of snow covered pine trees that sits on my mantel. I just love this little arrangement. Its Wednesday and Luke my grandson was here sharing in a very productive day! We had a fire in the wood stove which kept things warm and toasty. I made a big pot of chicken soup, worked on some crochet jewelry, spun and completed some yarn and spent some time out with the animals. I just love their snowy little faces, they eat the snow like it was a treat! They have heated water buckets but they enjoy shoving their little faces in the snow! This evening Mike went out to plow the driveway to get a head start on the pile up that is predicted. The barnyard is quiet and peaceful with no signs of the animals, but with all that straw to lay in and hay to eat why would they come out into the cold night? As I look at my little shop in this snow I wonder when I will be able to open it again. The driveway is just to dangerous to have folks up. But when I do re-open be assured it will be filled with lots of new items. I'm planning a crochet jewelry party at my daughters house this winter with some of her friends to see how they like the new jewelry. I have lots of fun choosing glass and stone beads for making this jewelry, there are such beautiful beads to choose from. I'm spinning lots of alpaca up for the shop. I have not done much dyeing lately but will get to it soon. So today, January 26th was quite a wonderful day. It ended with me toasty warm and relaxed in my fleece snowflake slipper socks! Happy sledding, snowshoeing or skiing to you, whatever your winter pleasure may be.....