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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

WINNER for free alpaca socks!! Latest project on the needles

We have a winner for the alpaca slipper sock give a way, the elf just told me that the winner is, (drum role please)...................Noreen Crone-Findlay! Thank you to everyone who joined in and told me your favorite holiday movie, there were some I had forgotten about, and one I had never seen! So lots of fun was had here reading your favorites!I hope it reminded some of you to take the time and watch one of those classic holiday films.
Noreen I hope you will enjoy your alpaca slipper socks. The elves tell me all they need is your address and they will deliver them right into your mailbox! So if you would either e-mail me or message me I can get these right out! Watch for our next FREE GIVE A-WAY! We may have one first of the year!

I'm working on another little caplet in this very pink cotton candy yarn, the button for this is cool I think it will really finish this little caplet off. All the other caplets sold through the shop this month. They are such wonderful little shoulder cover-ups, just enought to take the chill away. If your a knitter and would like to stop on by for some yarn I can share the pattern with you. Or we can arrange getting your yarn over the phone and I can mail it. I'll post a picture when it's completed.

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Ten more days until Christmas! WAHOOOOO!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

First Snow on the farm

It was a chillY morning today here on the farm(December 14th.) We had snow flurries most of the night. I guess it was just enough to have some school delays. Its always a pretty sight when we have the first snow. The animals are all spunky from the chill in the air in the morning and usually run to greet me with a cheery "Hi Mom whats for breakfast?" They gather around and wait for the hay racks and grain bins to be filled with carrot and grain, then they go about their day happily. Mostly they lay out in the snow lazily chewing their cud. Rarely will you find them in unless its blizzard conditions. I allow mine to come and go, to and from the barn as they like.Some of the old guys like Al would prefer to spend sometime inside the barn, wandering in and out to check the flock of sheep and his herd of alpaca.
I must say now that this very first bit of snow has arrived I can really feel the thrill of Christmas. Can't you?

Last night all the animals were snuggled in their beds while visions of apple and carrot danced in their head!