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Monday, March 14, 2011

OHHH what a weekend!

Another Monday! This was a great weekend for farm work. The farm is dried out for the most part which the two legged are grateful for as much as the four legged! Everyone spread out this weekend and found their spot to bask a little in the sun. We brought hay up to the hay storage near the barns, grain was also stored and all the paddocks raked out. No more twigs, snow or manure of any kind in these paddocks. The alpaca and llamas were so funny as Mike brought up the hay, steeling a little when they could. I fed carrots all afternoon while working, so we all bonded very well after a long winter. I cleaned out the cold frame getting it ready for early lettuces. I also had the shop open on Sunday for a few hours and as always had the nicest folks stop on by to see what this farm is all about. Ended the day with a baked whole chicken seasoned with garlic and thyme and a half of acorn squash each with butter and brown sugar. Watched a Netlix movie and went to bed a bit early to catch up on the hour of sleep we lost when the clocks were pushed ahead this Saturday! Loving day light savings already after only one night of it!! Happy Monday to all and have a great week!