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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Come Join Me In the "Spinning Lounge" and Sit a Spell

Welcome to my "Spinning Lounge" where I create my handspun yarns. My last post was in October, shame on me! I do have a good excuse. I have wonderful and exciting news. I have been invited by Vogue Knitting to be in the Vogue Knitting show in NYC January 14th, 15th and 16th with my handspun yarns! I am also doing a demo at a scheduled time it will be on Spinning 101! Yes, I may be getting the BIG break that I have been working towards, to get myself out there! Our wonderful friends Ashly and Rick ( will join us to help Mike and I (yes my awesome husband is coming to help) in the booth, as well as my daughter Brooke, my Niece Kelly and my good friend Lizzy from Short and Sweet Farm. I have so many offers from so many of my good friends who are so happy for me and encouraging that it warms my heart and inspires me to work very hard at this to make them all proud! Thanks to all of you! My days are now full, very full. I sit I spin, I sit I spin, I stretch my back, I sit and spin some more! I wash and pick fleeces, I dye fleeces and pick or card more. I knit samples with the yarn Im spinning to sell. This is truly a full time job for me right now. And I love every minute of it. You will find me in the "Spinning Lounge" daily and part of the late evening hours. The room is located in my house and it is dedicated to my fiber. All though I do over flow into other parts of the house. My wonderful husband gives up and realizes he lives with a wool hound and that's that! So my lounge is cozy, has all my tools, smells of wool,lavender and ptchouli. It is full of color and looks out over the barnyard! So my animals can be seen through out the day. The energy is awesome. My hand knit dolls who are my fiber friends sit on a shelf, my collection of spindles sit on the the same shelf where I can enjoy them all. My fiber over flows in baskets and I have my wonderful cozy sitting area's where I spin or knit. Country, classical or folk music plays on my radio or I tune into animal planet and enjoy an episode or two. Where else would I want to be. Its of course my favorite room. Most of my wheels (or the one's I'm using at the time) are in the lounge, the others are on the balcony of the stairs, just waiting for their turn to be used. The reason for the different wheels is they all do something different, they all have their own tune they hum, they all spin a particular yarn suited best for them. They are all my friends! So if your in my area and have the time come sit a spell, maybe do some spinning, knitting, or whatever your fiber choice may be and feel the wonderful energy in Dream Come True Farm and Pamsfiber's "Spinning Lounge" I'd love to have you. So this has been a day in my life as it will play out for the next 7 weeks until the Vogue show....Check out Vogue Live 2011 NYC on the web. Maybe you'll do a field trip. Its going to be awesome! Be sure to find me and visit us at the show if you go!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Dream Come Ture Farm and Pams Fiber Fest Day

Well, after my day yesterday at our 2nd annual mini fiber fest I have decided that fiber people are the nicest people on earth! What a great bunch of women that gathered yesterday here on Dream Come true farm in Oxford CT. Some brought wheels, some brought knitting. Actually most brought both! Totting wheels, knitting bags and home baked goods the ladies began arriving at 10:30 in the morning, spending most of the day sharing fiber ideas, knitting patterns and showing off their recent knitting pattern we enjoyed one an others company. The weather was spectacular! A grand fall day. We even got to wear some of our wool garments! Next years mini fiber fest is already in the works! Yes, I have some big ideas for next year which I'm going to offer the ladies at our next fiber gathering which is a dye day at Ahly's home in November. Thank you to all who came, loved having you and cant wait until we meet again! Which as a reminder let me shout out to all of you Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival!! Just a subtle reminder.......See you all soon. Watch our blog for upcoming events. Don't forget our holiday gathering open to the public will be in November, check back for information and dates. Opening most Sundays, call to be sure I do have some fiber gatherings to attend on a few Sundays 203-736-2630 and as always we will open during the week by appointment most anytime, just give us a ring.
Enjoy the fall weather! See you all soon! Don't forget you can fine my yarns in my Etsy shop, Or I'd love to friend you on FB... check us out under Pam Mike Blasko. I update all farm and spinning activities daily.
Spin On, Pam

Friday, September 23, 2011

Update on events at Dream Come True Farm

September 25th we will be open in celebration of National Alpaca Day! Our farm shop will be open and is filled with alpaca yarns, hats, shawls, scarves and socks. We will also be spinning aplaca fiber all day. Stop on by and get some ideas for the holidays.

October 2nd is our second annual fiber spin in day. This event is for anyone wanting to come sit, knit, spin, chat, visit, meet new friends, share ideas and visit with the fiber animals. Bring your own lunch, and chair we will be offering beverage and snacks. We plan on starting at 11am and going all day! This will be a weather permitting event so lets keep our fingers crossed for a beautiful fall day. Call if you need directions 203-736-2630

Watch this blog for our holiday open house event and see what we have planned for this year.

Hope to see some of you at the spin in. Id love to sit and chat with you and share ideas.....I have some big ideas for next years Spin in and would like your in-put.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Musings from the farm

This is what my house looked like the past two weeks! Need I say more? I had a very progressive couple of weeks. I spun, dyed, created, and just plain old enjoyed the work! And yes, Im into the color olive green and gold for the fall. Im loving it....More dyeing plans ahead and lots more spinning to get done. Im offering lots of new yarns in my Etsy shop so be sure to We are opening the farm shop most Sunday's of late so if your in the area be sure to check us out! We'd love to have you visit our farm and shop. Fall is in the air, so start planning your knitting projects so by the time the winter rolls around your all sunug in your woolens.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Dream ComE True Farm and PamsFiber Blog Updates!

Hi All, I'm writing a quick update today because I have been so darn busy here on the farm. Lots going on. All good. I have been spinning, knitting, listing items in my Etsy shop, getting the farm shop ready for the fall and finally re-introducing the Spinner's Notebook to all you fiber artists. Some of my knitting is below. Knitting these great 8 foot long skinny scarves for the fall has been a blast. I have a lot more to knit up. I put some great handspun aside for this. Spinning silk was a challenge but once I got the hang of it, it went smooth as silk!! A skein I did id shown below and listed in my Etsy shop. The previous listing is all about the Spinner's Notebook if your not familiar with it. Check out my post. Well, better run, the wheel is calling to me....Enjoy your weekend coming up. Spin on, Pam

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Spinner's Notebook is back on the shelves!

New copies are assembled and up on the shelves ready to ship. Contact me through e-mail if interested or visit my Etsy shop, contact for Etsy far left column.

The Spinners Notebook - All About Wool...
A book about Wool...from Dream Come True Farm
Pam Blasko - Dream Come True Farm

Book review done by Linda Cortrigh, "Wild Fibers Magazine" "Samples that will make your fingers want to dance"

The Spinners Notebook is designed to assist spinners, knitters And all fiber artist in collecting and documenting samples of their favorite fleeces, roving and yarns. Make notes about quality, characteristics, purchases, etc. Write all over it and make it your fiber diary. What worked? What didn't? Include sketches, photos or swatches of your handspun or fiber sample.

You will find information and actual fleece, roving or even handspun yarn samples from the fiber animals themselves! (30 pages of samples ) From some of the most wonderful breeds. ...but it is only a small dent in the list of choices. Thus, I added a section called "My Favorites" for you to add your favorite fleeces, knitted swatch, yarns or blends -- and don't forget to tape a sample of the fleece or a piece of handspun or a swatch in the space provided. In addition to "My Favorites" there will be a section for your "Patterns," and "Dyer's notes,"with instructions and suggestion for natural plant dyeing with samples of some natural dyed yarn. Everything you need to keep a complete informative diary on all of your fiber arts projects. In the beginning of the book there is an important reading on endangered sheep and more. This is a great tool that you help build yourself as you add all of your experiences to what we have started for you.. A MUST HAVE BOOK FOR THE FIBER FANATIC! YOUR TO FILL! YOURS TO COMPLETE AND SHARE WITH OTHERS! A fiber treasure hunt!

We started it, now you complete it!!

Finally, the Notebook includes contact information about most of the Shepherd's who supplied the samples so that you can contact them for more of these wonderful fleeces! This book will grow with you as you expand your fiber experiences.

*this is not a professionally bound book, this is a notebook put together here on our farm* Easy to add to.
*Samples may vary due to the availability from shepherds, time of year, shearing schedule etc.* Some are even as far away as the UK! Shipping fees become an issue at times from the UK

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Tour of the Fiber shop at Dream Come True Farm

Welcome to Pam's Fiber shop which is located here on our farm, Dream Come True at 82 Freeman Road, Oxford CT. I have had a shop open here on the farm for about 10 years now. It started in a tiny room Mike finished off in part of the garage. It wasn't long until I grew out of it. But not having the money to open up a separate building we stayed in the tiny shop. I didn't care all that much it was a place to display my yarns and hand knits. A few years back Mike and I learned dichroic glass work with a kiln. We purchased our own kiln and began creating glass pieces. Well, now I really didn't fit into the tiny finished part of the garage! So I saved every $$$$ I made through the garage shop and when I had enough I purchased the Li'l Red Barn shop (as I like to call it) It was during the summer that Mike had his hip replaced so we made the purchase and had a crew of guys come and and clear the tiny parcel at the top of the driveway, had the building delivered, (Amish made) and that was the beginning of the Li'l Red Barn shop at Dream Come True Farm. So Mike and I dove in and kept creating items along with the handspun yarn. It has now turned into quite the little gift shop. Handspun yarns, hand knit garments, goats milk soap, hand cut glass jewelry, kiln fired manipulated glass decorative pieces, wood turned pieces and more! Below is a tour of the shop. I tried to snap as many little corners, shelves nook and crannys. Enjoy your visit to The Li'l Red Barn at Dream Come True Farm and Pamsfiber. Open mostly anytime by appointment during the summer, or most Sundays 11-3. Call to make sure we are here and not off to a family function. Fall through Christmas we open more regularly, so check back often for all updates! Enjoy the rest of your summer. And remember cooler months are just around the corner, you may want to stock up on some yarn. I ship to anywhere in the world and display and sell yarns on line at Classes available for spinning and more, please inquire.