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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hot out of the oven, for a New Year's Eve party!

This will put 5 pounds on you just looing at it! It is called monkey bread, made from scratch it's like a GIANT cinnamon bon bon roll! Ever so good. I made this for tonight to bring to a New Year's Eve party after we enjoy some sushi out with Brooke, Luke and Massimo. I can't wait to get this out my house! Although it has made the house smell so good. mmmmmm

Fun in the snow! Happy New Year to all of our family and friends!

New Years Eve and what a nice bit of snow! Just enough to enjoy with Luke...Tomorrow snow shoeing with 8 of our friends by moon light! Then I need to get back into the seeing of things and start spinning up some yarn! I have been a bit lazy since the week before Christmas. Next week, back to work! I'll promise to post some new yarns as soon as they are done. I have not been a total slacker, I have been doing some glass work for the shop. I'm now into making sun catcher wind chimes! I'll post them soon too! Happy safe New Year!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

WOW where is the shop??

Conditions are getting worse, midnight and there is at least 5 inches already with hours of snow to come!! Still threatening blizzard! Finishing up knitting a Christmas stocking, sneaking out to the barn to feed carrots and off to bed. Good Night sleep tight to all.

Snow is here and blizzard my be on its way!

December 19th 11:30 pm and the snow has finally reached. At least all the critters are tucked in with heated water, extra hay to eat and straw to bed down in. All is well on the farm. Tomorrow we we snowshoe on the newly fallen snow. Then at 5 pm we have a holiday open house for all of our farm friends. Wassail and baked goods, mmmm should gain 3 pounds or so.
Tuck yourselves in for some relaxation or get out there and play in the snow. Coant wait until tomorrow so we can play. Stay warm. Dont forget call if you need to stop be the shop!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Winter shop hours on the farm, December 9th 2009 first snow

Over the winter months we will open Sunday's per request between the hours of 11Am-3PM. Occasionally I can accommodate weekly hours as well.. Phone ahead so that we have time to fire up our little heater to help take some of the winter chill away. I will be adding handspun yarns throughout the winter along with new hand knits and some alpaca roving that is expected from the mill soon.
So give a yell a day or so before, even the morning of and we will try to accommodate you. 203 736 2630. I will be updating any news, new items and farm photos through the winter, so check back here often. WISHING EVERYONE A HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON AND A WONDERFUL BLESSED NEW YEAR!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Anastasia our elf

ANASTASIA, OUR ELF who visits every weekend and takes such good care of the farm animals deserves a special thanks. THaNK YOU, THANK YOU Thank you Elf Anastasia!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Updates on hours..........

Just a short note on hours. Next Sunday the 6th I will be attending a holiday party and will not be open. Most likely open on Saturday the 5th but call to be sure. Then we should be open Sundays until Christmas 11am - 3pm. As always we will open for appointment to accomodate you most anytime. We really enjoyed our Farm Open House and plan on having it be an annual event, this was our second year and everyone seems to enjoy it, even the animals! I have saved the day on a disk so that I may watch it and share it with family and friends through my digital frame! What fun! Check back for all special openings and events. Happy Holidays to all and a very, very Happy New Year! From all of us at Dream Come True Farm.

Another dream come true! What a success!

Today was another Dream Come True for us on the farm! Over 100 people came for our farm and shop Open House. It was wonderful, more then we hoped for. Santa was here, Mrs Santa and a couple of the cutest elves! We had a very successful day, lots of people visited, shopped, spokes with Santa and had pictures taken while climbing on one of Mike tractors! Thanks to all who came and a special thanks to all who helped, Andasasia, Alyssa, Karen and Aahly, we couldn't of pulled if off without the four of you. And I cant say how much it meant to some regulars who visit the farm when we do these thinks, a real special thanks along with a hug goes out to you guys!! you know who you are! Well, here are some pictures of the day i hope you enjoy seeing them.

Santa was busy on the farm today!! Lots of kids to see and talk to.

Christmas on the farm! Enjoyed by all!

What a wonderful day!

Fun, Fun ! Fun !

Loads of fun with Santa, the elves and Mrs Claus!

Satisfied shoppers!!

I taught folks how to use the drop spindle while Mrs Santa watched. There was loads of interest in what we do here on the farm,

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Santa will be at Dream Come True Farm

Yes, its true Santa and his number 1 elf are arriving at Dream Come True farm on November 29th around 12:30 pm! We were as surprised as you may be when we got the call. He heard about the open house, he chimney fire, the shop being open and most of all he is considering having an alpaca lead the sleigh this year! Well, that was just hear say I didn't get that straight from the horses mouth. You never know. So the alpaca boys will be on their best behavior, the goats, well there is no best behavior for them. The sheep are a bit indifferent BUT the llamas are saying they could lead a sleigh much better then the alpacas! So be sure to fit us in, come join the holiday fun and get into the spirit. You can see by the look on the alpacas that they are saying "Who is coming, when and why?" Hmmmmmmmmmmmm?

Friday, November 13, 2009

The exact dates and times for the Holiday open house will be November 28th and 29th 11 am to 4 pm. Farm tours, demos, and holiday shopping with lots of new items that I have added for the holidays! Be sure to stop by.
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, I hope to see some, or all of you over the holidays! We will continue to be open on Sundays through December and starting in January most likely by appointment only. Or you may catch us open on a sunny Sunday here and there. But always call if you would like to stop by.

New Alpaca yarns are here!

The first shipment of the alpaca yarn has arrived from the mill! Very pleased with it I began (of course) right away to knit a mobius. I'm very happy with the way it came out, the hand of the yarn, the halo it produced and the two gorgeous colors, of a bark brown and a wonderful oatmeal. We also had great alpaca socks made to sell in the shop for the holidays and guess what? I had to place another order for more socks because I love them so much and want a few pairs for myself and Mike! So more socks from the mill soon!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Alpaca Gold Jackpot!

I was honored by the owners of Alpaca Connection where I got my alpaca boys from this past week. I was offered approx. 1,000 pounds of wonderful Alpaca fleeces from their herd! Guess what my answer was when the call came in? YES are you kidding me? I immediately made arrangements with Mike to take the day off from work so that we could make the trip and pick it up. We quickly realized the amount of fiber that we would be getting was more then our pick up truck could take, so a call went out to Marti and Ray, from Simple Gifts farm. Off went the 2 pick up truck and the 4 crazy alpaca fiber people! It was a chore but a wonderful chore. My appreciation to Jonnie and Ruthann cannot be expressed.

Once we got it all home we sorted through the fleeces, divided it up to share with our spinning friends. Then Marti and I went through each and every bag from our share and bagged all the different colors together getting it ready for the next step. We are deciding how to proceed with this amount of fiber but you can be sure we will come up with a solution! Some great mill spun yarns will be a definite in our plan and most likely some roving to spin ourselves. Over the weekend the girls came and went through the rest of the stash, bagged it and went on their merry, happy wat with a load of fleece for themselves! I hope all will enjoy these beautiful fleeces whch came in every color of the alpaca rainbow.. We hit the Alpaca gold jack pot! Thank you Joannie and Ruthanne!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I had such fun knitting these. I'm going to offer them in a few other colors as well. They work so well as cell phone/license/credit card case. I knit them and then felted them in the washing machine so that they felt nicely making them thick. They came out great! I then used the buttons that Mike has been making from fallen branches as a closure. They measure 5" wide 3 1/2" tall.

Monday, October 26, 2009


The farm is having an Open House weekend Thanksgiving weekend. This will the last for this year. Visit the animals, watch a few fiber related demo's and be sure to check out ALL the new itmes in the shop. We are ready for holiday shopping! So stop on by! 11 am to 4 pm Thanksgiving weekend!

Fall foliage

How wonderful it looks on the farm when the fall settles in. I look at the animals on the hill and the back drop and carpet of fall leaves is gorgeous. I thought this was wonderful pics of the llamas and had to share. Angel is being so patriotic at the moment and Dahli is of course looking around guarding his turf! He is to much. The shop was open and folks were coming up the driveway and had to see who it was and decide if he would welcome them! They are always making me smile if not out right laugh!

Sunday afternnon

After one busy week and an afternoon of leaf blowing we decided to treat ourselves to some smoked ribs that Mike did perfectly in the smoker. So when the shop closed I made a wonderful tomato salad and homemade bread. We just sat, ate slow and enjoyed Karen's company (who joined us for some ribs) We even rented a movie and watched it after we ate. Settled in for a lazy Sunday afternoon! Hmmm, we must do this more often.