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Monday, March 3, 2014

Pams Fiber at Dream Come True Farm update and FREE flower pattern

Welcome this cold, very cold Monday morning to Pamsfiber at Dream Come True Farm.
 Adding a little bit of spring to my wardrobe! I'm going to knit a few of these up to brighten up the dull days that have settled  here in the North East.
 Fast and simple for even a beginner. Here goes, the recipe:
Spring flower from Dream Come True Farm
Use a needle that is suitable to the yarn size you choose. I used a worsted weight with a sz 7 needle.
1. CO 10
2. BO 9
3. CO 10
4. BO 9
Continue doing 1 through 4  until you have 6, 7 or up to 8 spiky petals
Next you will end your work, you will only have one st on your needle so you will just pull the yarn through it to secure.
Next you will sew the piece with a piece of yarn into a circle by placing the first and last spiky petal next to one another. Sew into the circle. Adorn it with either a bobble in the center or a button.  Jazz it up and sew some tiny beads on. If you like some quiet hand work this is a perfect really fast piece.
Play around and be creative while waiting for spring to join us. Have fun with it!

This is the Magical Mystery Lace pattern that I created for a quick and easy way to make another great item for the spring. Its geared toward beginner knitters but even a seasoned knitter would enjoy the outcome of this. I have put kits together with really pretty handspun yarns. Mulberry silk, merino blend. Soffsilk, light weight Babydoll Southdown and a few other wonderful handspuns. I'm making up these kits with one other kit for a shrug/shawl to be sold on FB, my Etsy shop and at the CT Sheep and Wool Festival, last weekend in April. If your in the area or live with in a few hour its the first fiber festival of the year, so come on down and be inspired by many talented fiber artist. Ill also be doing a lecture/demo on chooding the correct fleece to be spun for your knitting project.

Pictured here is my Module 2 assignment yarn for The Journey of the Golden Fleece course that I am participating in through Wool Wench, Suzy Brown and Spin Artiste, Arlene Thayer. They are the team that offers this awesome course together!  Its an online course approx 10 months long. Its full of challenges, good info, friendships, and so much more. If your a spinner you must check out this course
This particular yarn pictured represents the how and whys I got started in raising first horses then sheep. The yarn itself is wool plied in Navajo ply to represent a lead line for horses. The long sheep locks that were spun in while doing the Navajo ply represent my sheep. Its adorned with leather hearts, turquoise, a small horse and a bouquet of horse tail. Ending with a clip on the lead line like yarn.
So much fun!!
So shearing season is near, first week in May. A workshop weekend is happening here in April with Suzy Brown from the Netherlands teaching. Joining her will be the ever so wonderful Arlene Thayer from Spin Artiste and 20 wonderful participants!At the end of April will be the CT Sheep and Wool Festival in Vernon CT
With the sheep and wool fest so near my concentration has been on spinning up handspuns of a variety of fibers and creating kits of my own design to be offered.
Spring is not here as of yet. Nor is there any signs of it. I'm so done this year with the frigid temps and the many snow storms. I try to look at it and say, well with such a bad winter maybe my fiber buddies grew and extra long fleece. Well, I can hope.
I hope Spring visits us all very soon. Until then, be warm, knit, spin and weave and dream of sunshine, the color green, blue skies and the smell of spring.
PS I'm going to spill the beans on a little secret. I have been wanting to revise the Spinners Notebook that I offer for a while now. So I spoke to Ashly who shared in this project with me about revising it. Well, revision turned into redoing almost the entire book. It will have articles written by who I consider and value as some of the most talented and knowledgeable fiber artist in our community. We also have all brand new farms with their desired fiber to feature. We chose them all by their breed of fiber animal, their knowledge and their animal husbandry. The book is in the proofing stage but will be available by April. I know you will love what is in it. If you already own one we will sell the new info at a slightly discounted rate without the notebook for you to insert in your already existing book. So stay-tuned!