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Monday, December 27, 2010

Storm Adrian 2010!

This is New England after all. Last night storm Adrian came through with a blast! The winds were howling with such force that at times it was scary. I'm always worried about a tree coming down. The animals stayed inside for the most part. There were not to many foot prints in the snow this morning when we went out to dig them out. Thankfully Mike had taken today as his last vacation day of the year. Unfortunate for him he spent the better part of the day digging us out! All of the woollies were so grateful to have the all terrain vehicle drive up and down and all around their paddock to make paths so that they could get around easier. Its mostly done for the sheep. My Babydolls have extra short legs and couldn't get around this kind of snow.We had at least a foot with 2-3 foot drifts in some areas. All in all everyone was happy to get out and do some running around in the snow. Well, the alpacas ran and kicked up their heels, the sheep kind of just strolled around eating snow, covering their faces with it! Tonight everyone was quite content when I fed them, tucked inside the barn where the wind cant get at them. We all survived storm Adrian. I guess 2010 wanted to go out with a blast! So this week snow shoeing is on the list of things to do! I hope everyone came through the storm as well as we did.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy holidays from our farm to your home!

Well, I do believe the holiday is upon us. I sure hope that all of you are ready and waiting for the Night Before Christmas, and hope that all of your stockings are hung by the chimney with care. We are ready here. And truth be told what I may have missed will just have to be missed. I'm taking the time to enjoy the holiday and not stress out on every little detail. After all its about family, right? So my wish to all of you is to enjoy your family and friends this holiday season and take time to enjoy the true meaning of this holiday, whatever your belief is. With that being said I say to you all Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy healthy New Year! See you Next year.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

WINNER for free alpaca socks!! Latest project on the needles

We have a winner for the alpaca slipper sock give a way, the elf just told me that the winner is, (drum role please)...................Noreen Crone-Findlay! Thank you to everyone who joined in and told me your favorite holiday movie, there were some I had forgotten about, and one I had never seen! So lots of fun was had here reading your favorites!I hope it reminded some of you to take the time and watch one of those classic holiday films.
Noreen I hope you will enjoy your alpaca slipper socks. The elves tell me all they need is your address and they will deliver them right into your mailbox! So if you would either e-mail me or message me I can get these right out! Watch for our next FREE GIVE A-WAY! We may have one first of the year!

I'm working on another little caplet in this very pink cotton candy yarn, the button for this is cool I think it will really finish this little caplet off. All the other caplets sold through the shop this month. They are such wonderful little shoulder cover-ups, just enought to take the chill away. If your a knitter and would like to stop on by for some yarn I can share the pattern with you. Or we can arrange getting your yarn over the phone and I can mail it. I'll post a picture when it's completed.

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Ten more days until Christmas! WAHOOOOO!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

First Snow on the farm

It was a chillY morning today here on the farm(December 14th.) We had snow flurries most of the night. I guess it was just enough to have some school delays. Its always a pretty sight when we have the first snow. The animals are all spunky from the chill in the air in the morning and usually run to greet me with a cheery "Hi Mom whats for breakfast?" They gather around and wait for the hay racks and grain bins to be filled with carrot and grain, then they go about their day happily. Mostly they lay out in the snow lazily chewing their cud. Rarely will you find them in unless its blizzard conditions. I allow mine to come and go, to and from the barn as they like.Some of the old guys like Al would prefer to spend sometime inside the barn, wandering in and out to check the flock of sheep and his herd of alpaca.
I must say now that this very first bit of snow has arrived I can really feel the thrill of Christmas. Can't you?

Last night all the animals were snuggled in their beds while visions of apple and carrot danced in their head!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Log Cabin Christmas

I love the Christmas holiday. I put my decorations up early, usually the week of Thanksgiving. I love bringing out the decorations from year to year thinking of holidays past. Pictured is a little bit of our holiday in the log cabin. I hope you enjoy yours as much as we enjoy ours

Our handknit from our alpaca and sheep stockings, hung by the chimney with care, with hopes that St Nick will soon be here
My Christmas caroler collection

My felted manger, the bodies are sheep wool, needle felted and the clothing is 100% wool

Old fashion German feather tree with mostly antique ornaments
Over 100 year old carrot ornament from Germany, brought here by my Grandfather
Felted Santa ornament. Felted by Dawn from Coon Hollow Farm, a favorite ornament of mine!
Scented dried berries, orange slices and pomegranate, Mmmm holiday scents

Needle point stocking

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

FREE holiday GIVE-A-WAY! Alpaca slipper socks!

ITs that time again! Join us as a follower so that you'll hear about all of our give-a-ways!
Just in time for the holiday I will be offering a pair of Alpaca slipper socks to keep your feet toasty warm.These are from the aplaca fiber sent to a mill in New England and made there, 100% made and grown in the USA! All you have to do to enter is tell me your very all time favorite Holiday movie! Mine is Miracle on 34th street, the old one, not the new one in color. I hope to maybe learn of a movie I have not seen. Just e-mail the name of the movie at or leave the name of the movie in the comment section of this blog. I'll put your name in a hat and have my grandson pull one out the week before Christmas, drop them in the mail and you'll have them to wear on Christmas morning!! We also have these available in the shop. These are a favorite of mine to wear all day long or at night to keep my feet warm as toast, they are soft and cushy inside and feel wonderful on your feet. So stop on by pick up a pair for yourself or they make wonderful grab bag or stocking stuffer! As always I can drop them in the mail, just drop me a note.They really are wonderful little feet warmers.

New creations!

ALL CAPLETS have sold! I'm working on a wonderful pink one now, which will be here on the blog when finished.

I have enjoyed knitting a number of these this season, The little caplet. Its just enough to take the chill away. I little something that can be worn under your coat in place of a scarf. Worn while out to dinner to take the chill away. Its the perfect size, not to much, just enough. Knitted with hand dyed yarn and a hand made button these little caplets do the job! I have a wonderful pink on the needles now that I will add a big square button. to when finished. The gorgeous turquoise is in the shot, for sale, the olive green is mine to keep! And the purple is a gift. If you find a yarn here and would like to knit this I can share this pattern with you.
Shop will be open each weekend for a few hours so you can stock up on yarn for your winter knitting projects or stop on by for a special hand made gift for someone. As always I will open most anytime by appointment, just give a ring. 1-203-736-2630.
Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas, don't you think?

Monday, November 29, 2010

Holiday Open House Fun! FUN had by all!

Happy Holidays to everyone! What a way to bring the holidays in. We had a blast at our holiday open house. I lost count of how many people came and joined the holiday fun. Santa has a list a mile long, he visited with so many kids that Mrs Claus had to take him home and put him to bed early! Our tree was decorated with ornaments that folks brought and the friendship paper chain that kids made while visiting. So Mike and I will go and purchase an art craft kit to be donated from our farm and all the visitors who added an ornament and a paper chain link to Toys for Tots. . Thank you to all who made the tree decorating a success. The tree sits on our front porch now and will stay there lit for us to look at and remember all the wonderful folks who visited our farm. Then in a couple of weeks the ornaments that were brought will be placed on a tree put up by our local FD at Stevenson Dam for all to enjoy. The animals enjoyed all the attention and received a lot of treats! Just follow the pictures, they tell the wonderful story of the day we had. People made the trek up the long steep driveway to help make our day a dream come true! Happy holidays to all and to all a good day! From all of us at Dream Come True Farn.