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Friday, May 1, 2015

May Blog Post From Dream Come True Farm

Hi Everyone, Im going to share a quick blog post to tell you all what has been going on at the farm.
First we are thrilled that Spring made an appearance! It was a long winter.

Spring brought with her baby chicks to our farm!! We are thrilled to welcome a number of babies and some pullets. Those of you that know me well know that I love my chickens and their eggs. Our choice of breeds are heirloom or specialty rare breeds. We love the beauty and differences in appearance and personalities that these birds offer us. Not to mention the color assortment of eggs! We expanded our chicken coop to a really big space for our birds. Our eggs are starting to come in by a dozen a day and more expected  to start laying in the fall. We have been lucky enough to now be working with The All American General Store in Seymour here in CT to sell our eggs. So if you are in the area pop into the General Store for some home grown with love chicken eggs! Of all colors

BIG NEWS! we are in the process of adopting two ducks from the Majestic Waterfowl

Next news, shearing is done!! All the critters have their winter coats off so I have been washing and spinning fleeces like crazy. Now Im spinning them and listing them in my etsy shop as I go along. take a peek  I have also been weaving pillow toppers. They too are listed in my Etsy shop.

The Spinners Notebook has taken on a new look again. Lots of new contributors with some awesome new actual fiber samples. A supplement is available to those who already have the book. We will be offering lots of Brown Bag Fiber samples through my etsy shop. Which are brown bags with 2-4 oz of wonderful fiber samples often from our shepherds who contributed the fiber sample in the Spinners Notebook. Also in my Etsy shop.

Garden is in and growing with cool weather crop. Tomatoes are next. Patio plants planted along with a huge pot of lavender. Fairy garden is in.

Looking forward to the Spinning Retreat that Im part of offering at the Yellow Farm in NY. Oh, what a weekend that will be.

Follow me on FB under Pam Blasko for farm updates, specials and news all about the Spinners Notebook. I post daily and would love to friend you. Through my page you can access my etsy and the Spinners Notebook page for all updates ect.  I just posted my tips on setting your handspun yarn. So please stop on by.

I hope your spring is going well and is productive. Ill be back soon to post pics as soon as I can figure out why Im having trouble with blogging!! Its either me or blogger has an issue. Youve got the news from the farm anyway...

Oh, one more thing, the Farm Shop is open now by appointment all most anytime....

Happy Spring Folks!