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Monday, June 13, 2011

Updates from Dream Come True Farm

Well its been a long wait for spring to arrive, but it finally came and we are well into all spring chores and projects here on the farm. Some of you know I had suffered with a bad back and almost conceded to back surgery. Thankfully I seem to have won the fight and my back is 75% better and getting better everyday!
So I have been back into the wool room doing some long awaited work. Recently I have been on a roll carding my own batts for spinning into yarn. Im making some great exotic blends. Alpaca, sheep, silk, angora bunny, angeline, angora goat locks and llama may be found in these batts. Loaded with color, texture and character I'm offering through my Etsy shop or if you see something here Id be more then happy to ship it out to you.My spinning has been inbetween all the carding and knitting that I have been doing, but those skeins are being completed and available in the farm shop.
The knitting I have done has been projects that I had statrted and never completed so you know how good that feels to have now completed all of them!Luke has put his time in on the farm as well, feeding the animals in the morning when he is here, driving his tractor with the weeds I pull from the garden to dump them in the compost pile.

My gardens are doing quite well especially with the rain we recently had for 8 days in a row! Mike and I have been married 35 years so for our anniversary we went away for a night and then we worked on the garden, (well Mike did because of my back) and we pulled out, moved around and added a bunch of new plants! I'm so happy with the out come.
Mike replaced all the boards on the fromt porch, next it will all be painted and spruced up. We love sitting on the front porch on the log cabin in the easly evenings, its like being in a tree house.
So below Im sharing A roll of pictures, quite a few from the spring and what I have been doing here on the farm. I hope you enjoy our ventures on the farm.
The sheep, the goats, llamas and ponies are all doing quite well, enjoying the spring abd spending most of their time outside in the barnyard.
So as it usually is, all is well here at Dream Come True Farm and I'm grateful for that. Enjoy the rest of your spring, summer is just around the corner!

Lots of projects completed, ahhhh what a good feeling.

Gardens are blazing with the color of green, rich now with some color beginning to bud.
I hope your spring has sprung with life and color in all aspects of your life!

Check back we'll update in a few weeks or sooner.

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Enjoying life on the farm!
See you all in a few weeks! Pam