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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Alpaca, Turkey's, Pumpkins and Ornaments!!

Well, this was a busy week here on the farm for more then one reason. My new drum carder arrived today. The wild carder from Ashford. I will post pics later. I can't wait to use it to produce batts for spinning wild and crazy yarns! This carder will blend almost anything through it it, wool of course, ribbon, scrap tread, locks, scrap fabric everything but the kitchen sick as they say.!
The big news was the arrival of our alpaca scarves made from our mill spun alpaca yarn by a mill in Mass. 100% made in the USA they are 72 to 76 inches long! I just love all the stitching on these, yarn overs, to make it open for a bit of a lace look, garter stitch border to give it good shaping, cables, which I love and they are extra long! I'm very happy with the way they came out and just in time for the holidays along with our alpaca gloves. The colors are bark brown and fawn. They go into the shop today.

I have needle felting pumpkins and some adorable acorns (below), some with real acorn tops. I had a needle felting class here in the shop and the girls went home with a completed pumpkin, a few acorns and enough wool to needle felt another pumpkin! Everyone was happy, happy, happy!
In honor of the time of year you can see who else visited this week! Tom and his friends....They simply hung around the driveway for a while, then over by our hay barn. Then off they gobbled up into the woods! They seem to take the same route each day now so they have become daily visitors to the farm. I love when they come it just screams fall! Fall being a favorite of mine.

I have only just begun to stuff glass ball ornaments with hand dyed sheep wool, sparkles and some angeline for twinkle. My plans are another dozen or so. A little keepsake from the farm if you visit us around the holidays. Each year they can be hung on your tree and you'll think of all of us at Dream Come True Farm! Hope to see you soon. Open most Sundays 11-3 unless we have a family commitment. And as always open by appointment anytime, just give us a ring. Happy Fall from all of us at the farm

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

BIG Fall news! Lots more to come

Fall is here! The smell of fall is in the air, especially in the early morning and when I go out to feed in the evenings. As I walk to the animals to feed the crunch under my feet of fallen leaves soothes my soul. Im even smelling fire from wood stoves or fireplaces in my neighborhood. We have not lit ours as of yet but when I smell one I want to run right in and light the stove! This may be the weekend we do, I hear there may be frost.
The shop is full for the holidays, lots of new items and many skeins of new yarn! Truley a knitters heaven. I have some wonderful bamboo knitting needles in also. Sizes that go well with my handspun. Santa is coming with the Mrs. in November. I hear he may bring elves as well. Check back for details on his visit. Anyone interested in learning to knit or needle felt drop me a line. Open most Sundays 11-3 unless we have a fmaily function call to be sure 203-218-0508

We have been lucky enought to have Elliot make these wonderful inlayed stools for our shop. Elliot is 89 years young! Can you believe this beautiful work! We have one in our family room that Luke sits on all the time. I love just having it to display, it sure is a work of art. These will be in the shop as of this Sunday. The cedar in the stools are from cedar trees from our farm. Watch for the log cabin bird houses that we hope will arrive from Elliot.

Knitting lessons are going great! We have 6 new knitters! Our lessons are Sundays, private or learn with a friend! I am enjoying hearing about the new knitters projects. All are real enthusiastic and have sure sparked me to be knitting every spare moment! Great job Kathy!

All critters love when the leaves fall into the hay baskets, its like crunchy croutons added to their salad! Mmmmm

Fall clean up starts now and won't end until every leaf is up and out into the woods to mulch! Lots of work and EVERYONE is workning! Good job Luke. What a helper Pa has with Luke here.