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Thursday, April 21, 2011

We welcome another season here on the farm

I think I'm right in saying that Spring is defiantly here! I saw the male blue bird building a nest for the Mrs. in the same bird house as he did last year! I see the Mrs fly in and out to check on the progress and so far I guess she's happy. To me that wes a sure sign of Spring. This week I really cleaned up, little by little each day all the gardens. There is so many herbs and things peeking up through the earth, another sure sign of Spring. The bird house pictured is where the Blue Bird family resides, this morning I opened the kitchen window to enjoy some of that spring air and I heard the song of the blue bird. How beautiful it was.
The animals all seem to be so happy that all that cold white stuff is gone from the ground for a good long while and the good old days of laying outside the barn door all night chewing cud, enjoying the night air and watching the stars are back! Breakfast time is long and relaxed. I feed, we visit, I sit, they wonder what I'm up to and its all so good. The sheep will be shorn in 2 days, another sign of spring. The brightly painted shed pictured is my Secret Life of Bee's garden shed and quiet place to sit, which is fenced off right in the middle of the paddocks, a variety of mints grow wild in the area. Its my fun place, shhhhh dont tell anyone where I hide. There's no place like home" I enjoy my life here.
Seasons come and seasons go and no matter what season it is, life is good here at Dream Come True Farm
I hope Spring brings much happiness and renewed life to your homestead. Enjoy.