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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Reminiscing With Picture Note cards, Newport RI

We recently went on a vacation to Newport RI. It was wonderful. It's usually very hard for us to go away with the farm. The care of the animals is the number one consideration when deciding if a get a way can be done. We are lucky enough to have a farm helper. Anastasia is from one of the local vocational schools and has been with us for a couple of years now. Quite capable of caring for my 4 legged family. So we ventured to RI. It was a wonderful time. The weather couldn't of been better, the salt air was such a change from the country air, the lobster and clam chowder that RI is known for was fabulous. I took 163 great photos. So I decided to make not cards from them. My usual note cards are from the farm and animals so this was a nice change. Quite pleased with my photography (if I don't say so myself) I used my great little portable cannon printer and made the cards to be sold in my shop. I recently joined a friend at an arts festival and brought the cards to be sold. And low and behold I sold 16 of my Newport RI note cards! Well, being very happy with that I printed more and started taking photos of all kinds of things everywhere I go and printing them as well! A nice change for me, creating the cards instead of fiber work. So I'm going to continue with photo note cards and offering them in the shop. Maybe one of them will call to you if you visit and see them. Summer is going fast, Ive decided its way to short. I wish you all a very happy rest of the summer, enjoy and snap some pics of all that you may do this summer. Enjoy, Pam