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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Im finally getting my groove back! I have been a bit lacking in the creativity department lately, a little lazy to say the least. I have got myself together and these are the new handspun yarns I came up with. The black and white and white and black, hmm is there a difference between black and white and white and black? Anyway they are some of thickest yarn that I have ever spun. Its soft, and huge. The white is big and plump like marshmallow, with camp fire burn marks on it, exactly how I like a toasted marshmallow. The black is so soft, so big that Im going to have trouble letting it go. It is plied with a single spun novelty white. These would make the coolest hats for the winter. Or spectacular neck warmers. The shades os pink yarn is hand dyed alpaca, light worsted in weight. And well, lets face it alpaca speaks for itself. The tan and orange is hand dyed orange sheep wool spun in with tan alpaca, a blend. All will be going up on Etsy very soon, with plenty more to come. Pam's got her groove back on! Spin on.