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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Keeping the farm safe

On days like today as I ready the farm for a storm I realize how much these animals mean to me. My thoughts all day are on how to keep my animals safe with the pending tropical storm. I will close all barn windows, half doors will be shut, water buckets filled to the brim in case we loose power which means no water pump. I have hooked the monitor in the barn so when the predicted storm hits us at 2 am I can monitor the barn for safety. We are nestled among lots of big old trees which always scare me with high winds. I will be glued to the window in the spare room with a watchful eye. If the going gets tough, I will make several trips to the barn to make sure there is no water flooding. If so I will rake it out into a wheel barrel and put new dry bedding down for them all. Being a Shepard can be a worrisome job at times. I will not rest until the storm has passed and all is well here on the farm...I do love those faces!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fall events at Dream Come True Farm

Hi folks, I wanted to drop a quick note with some happenings coming up on the farm for the fall. Details will be told to you as soon as everything is smoothed out.
First we will be opening most Sundays from end of September on. Only closing for family gatherings. Always opening for appointments anytime during the week.
September 25 and 26 will be National Alpaca weekend, visit our farm meet the alpacas, and learn all about alpaca fiber, enjoy spinning demos and this year we will offer a knitting circle all day. Bring your project and sit and knit with us a while. Meet knitters and share your project. Weather permitting of course. The shop will be full and we will have a list of all the alpaca farms that will be open in the area.
We will be open on Thanksgiving weekend again this year with activities just like last year. Maybe even Santa again? Hmmmmmm we'll have to check his schedule. Also end of September I will be offering beginner one on one knitting lessons Sunday mornings. This will consist of 3 Sunday lessons, you pick the Sundays and you will learn to CO cast on, knit and purl, and BO bind off. The project that you will complete will be an alpaca scarf! Details and sample scarf are being worked on.. So check back often for our upcoming events...We may even be offering one other knitting circle day... Let me know how that interest you?

We have our winners!

Six slices ready and waiting to be shipped!

Finally the names were put in a jar and pulled for our winners. Your chances were really good there were only 16 entries. Most of you e-mailed or entered through FB do to trouble with the blog comment area. For that Im sorry. So if the following ladies will e-mail me at with your mailing address I will get your soap packed up and shipped to you. Thanks for reading our post and visiting our FB page and this blog. And yes, it is a toaster! We use a newer one while camping to make out toast over a low fire on a grill top. Works great. It would work great on a gas range also....

Sandra from www.plainfancymerchant, folks be sure to visit this blog, you will love it
Nancy B. FB entry
Maura M. FB entry
AND The Wool Pantry was stuck onto Maura's drawing so YOU WIN TOO! folks visit this blog too, you will be glad you did....