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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Farm Update with a FREE spiral sock pattern

We are so thrilled to have completed The newest version of The Spinners Notebook

 I've offered a spiral sock pattern here with no need to do a heel turn! It's a tube sock that takes shape of your foot as worn.  I hope you enjoy it. A wonderful pattern for your warm weather knitting. The pattern is posted below. Feel free to copy.
Well the long worked on Spinners Notebook has been completely revised. I'm so thrilled with all who contributed to the notebook. These contributor's are some of the fiber artist and shepherds that we admire the most!  Thanks to ALL of them, we have produced an awesome reference book.
The Spinner’s Notebook – a New Resource for Fiber Artists

Pam Blasko of Dream Come True Farm and Ashly Ann Bartholomew of Ashly Ann’s Hands have put together an important resource that brings together a community of fiber artists and shepherdesses.  The Spinner’s Notebook has been created to help those who want to learn more about animal fleeces including micron count, crimp, and other important characteristics.  This book will help its readers choose the right fleece and/or fiber for spinning, felting, knitting, and other related projects in order to get the best results in their work.

The pages are filled with helpful descriptions of the animals, beautiful photographs and actual samples of their fleeces.  These animals are lovingly raised by local farmers who are dedicated to having their animals produce first quality fibers. There are also instructional pages written by experienced fiber artists to help in the decision making process.

For more information and to purchase the Spinner’s Notebook please go to:

the Notebook is 38.00 with 12.00 shipping anywhere in the US payment.  To order one while they last until next printing you can simply go to paypal and make the payment of 50.00 total to

For out of the country purchases please contact me at  and we can make the arrangement.

CrAzY Spiral No Heel Sock Pattern  (great for beginners)

(tube sock style will fit most any sz foot)


by:Pamsfiber @ Dream Come True Farm


Material list:

*yarn is approximate because most are using a light worsted weight handspun which will vary from person to person.  Mill spun is fine, but pattern was written with

handspun in mind. Approx. 300 yards to be safe. Scraps of many colors are so much fun! Be creative.


*sz 5 double pointed needle


*darning needle






*With sz 5 dp needle CO 42 st dividing them on to 3 needles evenly. Join with a knit st and place a marker then k 2 more st. then P 3


*From this point forward  you will K in rib st K 3, P3 for the cuff of your sock. Do this until you cuff measures 3.5 inches


*End at the marker - *change yarn color if desired at this point




*Next you will k 2, increase one by knitting into the back of the 3rd st. then P2




*Now you will K3, P3 which will give you  the spiral pattern which you will see after about an inch more of knitting.


*Knit until the entire sock not including cuff measures 9 inches. Ending 2 st before your marker *change yarn color at this point if desired





*Next you will K 2tog to go back to the original 42 st  you started with,  continue knitting in stockenette for 6 full rounds ending at your marker





*Now your going to decrease as follows for the rest of the toe:


*K 4, Ktog all the way around

K the next row


*K 3, K 2tog all the way around

K the next row                                  


*K 2, K 2tog all the way around

K the next row


*K1, K2tog all the way around

K the next row


*K 2tog all the way around this final round before the toe




*Next cut the yarn leaving a 5" slip this through the eye of the darning needle and thread it through remaining st, pull tight to close the toe



 *You can change yarn colors for the cuff and toe, mix it up, change colors all the way throughout. Don't bother matching the second sock exactly, the craziness is what makes these socks fun! Repeat same for second sock.