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Thursday, August 16, 2012

FAF, Fiber Arts Friday Wire Core Spun yarn ideas

Hello Everyone! I hope you had an awesome week.
Today  FAF is all about  wire core spun art yarn. I think for the most part the photos are pretty clear on some uses but I thought 'Id give you a few more ideas. I also place the yarn on my mantel matching the color to a particular holiday. I have it around a mirror in the bathroom. I have knitted wrist cuffs, also the chokers as you see in the photo. Use as a garland around a large house plant, or on your Christmas tree. My favorite home decor is the wreath, the yarn adds 3 dimension. This particular yarn has charms that were added in while spinning. It was inspired by Ashly from Neauveau fiber arts who had a yarn challenge requiring charms to be spun into our yarns. And a lot of fun it was!  I'm going to be offering a line of  the chokers with vintage jewelry added. Actually today they will be showcased at Madison Wool Fiber shop in Madison CT at Beachcomber night. Ill then be listing them in my Etsy shop. Ill be offering kits to make the chokers at Stitches East event, joining Dayna in the Mad Wool booth! October 11th - 14th  So come see us. there... Ahh! one more idea I love, add the wire yarn to the top of hat in a particular shape to get wild and crazy! Also you can make hair decorations on barrettes...OK I think that is enough, with your imagination left to go wild you'll come up with some more great ideas! Enjoy. for fiber purchases.....As always thank you for stopping by! XO

I hope this inspires you to give wire core spun yarn a try. Im hooked on it! Dont forget join this blog as a follower to be elligible for my next free give a way, coming soon. See you next week!