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Friday, October 19, 2012

Fiber Arts Friday FAF Quickie green saving idea

Hi everyone, its been a really busy week here on the farm with the arrival of the new pygora goats. The 2 year old came with the name of Chip so we kept that name and the little boys have been named Ben and Jerry. They are doing fine, but Ben is TROUBLE! He jumps on everything in sight and he has found his way our of his pen!! Yup, every time I looked out the window the other day, there he was in the back yard hanging around and investigating with not a care in the world. So that's where my busy week came in. Changing fencing!

Im displaying some things this Sunday at the Made in Connecticut Fair here in Oxford. Leslie Alexander has a both and offered me some space with her. Ill enjoy my time with her and enjoy seeing all the wonderful handmade things that will be there. Check the web for details.

So for this FAF I'm going to share a little idea that was shared with me a few weeks ago by my friend Linda Hooper. Great little idea she got from a Lilly Chin class. Its so simple its silly, but green, recycled and saves on cash. These little tie off gadgets are $$$ in the craft shops so why not acquire them for free.

Save the little plastic closures from your bread bags and use it to keep the excess yarn or tail you may have when you cast on. Sometime you need to leave a tail to seam with and its in the way. I have made them into the little tiny butterfly ties, but then I go to undo it and it to tight or gets knotted. Also great for embroidery floss!

This is the idea shared with me that I'd like to pass on. Simple, but useful and GREEN!

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Keeping Our Pygora Goats Fleece Free of Chafe

I did a short video that I would like to share on how Im going to keep the pygora goats fiber free of chafe. Three pygora goats arrived here on the farm October 12th from Hawks Mountain Ranch in Oregon. They are prescious and loving. The fleece is to die for and their personalities are awesome. So spinners have been asking the question of how Im going to keep them clean and free of chafe, so here is short video on my method of keeping chafe free curly locks. More news on the goats later.

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