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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Come Join Me In the "Spinning Lounge" and Sit a Spell

Welcome to my "Spinning Lounge" where I create my handspun yarns. My last post was in October, shame on me! I do have a good excuse. I have wonderful and exciting news. I have been invited by Vogue Knitting to be in the Vogue Knitting show in NYC January 14th, 15th and 16th with my handspun yarns! I am also doing a demo at a scheduled time it will be on Spinning 101! Yes, I may be getting the BIG break that I have been working towards, to get myself out there! Our wonderful friends Ashly and Rick ( will join us to help Mike and I (yes my awesome husband is coming to help) in the booth, as well as my daughter Brooke, my Niece Kelly and my good friend Lizzy from Short and Sweet Farm. I have so many offers from so many of my good friends who are so happy for me and encouraging that it warms my heart and inspires me to work very hard at this to make them all proud! Thanks to all of you! My days are now full, very full. I sit I spin, I sit I spin, I stretch my back, I sit and spin some more! I wash and pick fleeces, I dye fleeces and pick or card more. I knit samples with the yarn Im spinning to sell. This is truly a full time job for me right now. And I love every minute of it. You will find me in the "Spinning Lounge" daily and part of the late evening hours. The room is located in my house and it is dedicated to my fiber. All though I do over flow into other parts of the house. My wonderful husband gives up and realizes he lives with a wool hound and that's that! So my lounge is cozy, has all my tools, smells of wool,lavender and ptchouli. It is full of color and looks out over the barnyard! So my animals can be seen through out the day. The energy is awesome. My hand knit dolls who are my fiber friends sit on a shelf, my collection of spindles sit on the the same shelf where I can enjoy them all. My fiber over flows in baskets and I have my wonderful cozy sitting area's where I spin or knit. Country, classical or folk music plays on my radio or I tune into animal planet and enjoy an episode or two. Where else would I want to be. Its of course my favorite room. Most of my wheels (or the one's I'm using at the time) are in the lounge, the others are on the balcony of the stairs, just waiting for their turn to be used. The reason for the different wheels is they all do something different, they all have their own tune they hum, they all spin a particular yarn suited best for them. They are all my friends! So if your in my area and have the time come sit a spell, maybe do some spinning, knitting, or whatever your fiber choice may be and feel the wonderful energy in Dream Come True Farm and Pamsfiber's "Spinning Lounge" I'd love to have you. So this has been a day in my life as it will play out for the next 7 weeks until the Vogue show....Check out Vogue Live 2011 NYC on the web. Maybe you'll do a field trip. Its going to be awesome! Be sure to find me and visit us at the show if you go!