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Friday, September 14, 2012

Meet the Barnyard family members! FAF post

Welcome to Dream Come True's barnyarnd family members. Today for FAF Fiber arts friday I thought I would share with you our barnyard and you would meet our fiber critters along with the rest of the barnyard members. I have been asked a number of times since FAF what we had for fiber animals. So this post is for you to become really familiar with my family of 4 leggeds!
Welcome to th barnyarnd:
 This is our Shetland Pony Khota and our miniature horse Pony Boy. they are just the greatest! I adore them so.....Mane and tail hairs are used from these guys in some of my weavings.
 This is the Dahli Llama, our guard llama and boy does he do his job. Hes been emplyed here 12 years! Dahlis fiber is not the softest, so he is used for felting decorative items or purses. But he holds his weight in gold with his guarding efforts....He has a wonderful smile doesen't he?
 This is Serianna and her daughter Dahlia, Nigerian goats. They were used for their milk to make goats milk soap. And they are mascots for the farm. They love people and especially kids! So they welcome folks as they enter the barnyard

Tis is Angel our second llama with some of the  Babydolls, Jelly Bean, Raisinette and Winny. All of these guys are used for spinning yarns.

 This is Hershey's Kiss-Babydoll Southdown, my oldest gal on the farm. Some of the other ewes are her daughtes!
 Breakfast on the farm and enjoyable activity!
 Two of our Weimeraners, Sage and her daddy Zeeke basking in the sun.
 My most loved little rescue, a dwarf horse, Spartakus!  OMG I just love him. Id bring him inside if my DH would let me! I brough him up on the deck and got the warning of "You better not bring him inside!" Oh well, we tried.
 Hershey, looking pretty.

 Some fo the critters sayin "Good Morning" as I walked up to the barn.
 Mowing the lawn.
Our third Weimeraner 12 year old Mama Zoe! enjoying the sun and warmth on her old arthritic bones. Such a good girl.

Some of those sheep just would not be photographed! Stayed tucked away, must have been a bad hair/wool day, maybe next time. I think we only missed two... And dont forget soon we will be adding 3 Pygora goats to the farm. So next farm phoot session will include them. I hope you enjoyed meeting my beloved barnyard family members. Maybe someday some of you will meet them in person.


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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Delivery date!

I'm very excited to tell you ( im actually busting with anticipation) that my 3 Pygora goats are making the cross country trip in October.  They will leave Hawks Mountain Ranch October 11th, arriving around the 13th. One 2 year old friendly loving type A fleece, 4-h boy named chip and 2, 6 month olds with no name yet.  Locks, locks and more locks!  Pygoras are shorn twice a year so that's six fleeces a year.  So I'm like a new Mom in waiting!!   So there you have my news!!

Off to do chores and open the farm shop.