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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

So much to tell, Golden Fleece Journey, new critters, shop updates, new friends!

Where do I start with what has been going on in the last 2 months? I have been happily busy here on the farm. A tiny bit of sadness visited us this past weekend so I guess we can start there and get it over with. We lost our sweetest sheep Hershey Kiss. She was 14 years old and a happy sweet sheep that loved me dearly. I know this for a fact by the way she stuck to me like my shadow whenever I was out in the barnyard. And I loved her as much. We had such a routine together daily.  Because of this I will miss her dearly. She showed no sign of illness of distress, I went out one morning and she was gone. Gone to greener pastures, a new flock with a new shepherd to care for her. I like to think she dyed of old age and it was quick and painless. It did seem that this was the case   RIP Hershey Kiss I will miss you dearly......

Now for happier subjects. We have 3 new sheep in our flock. Rosie the Finn, she is a lamb with a fleece to die for. 8 months old now, a sweetheart. She still acts like a lamb so she makes me smile quite often.

They there is Tomasina the Wensleydale 3 years old and Shira the Teeswater 3 year old. Tomasina is plain old sweet. Sweet as could be. She is a big girl with the biggest kindness eyes and lots of fleece. Accept for her size you wouldn't even know she was out there. Sweet. sweet, sweet. She allows me to pat her, give kisses and admire her curly fleece daily.

And Shira. Well I'm not sure how to explain Shira. She is a quick moving bull in a china cabinet!! A big sheep too, she makes me laugh daily with her crazy antics and her silly ways. But keep and eye on her. She'll knock you right over with her bull in the china cabinet movements. She doesn't mean it, its just who she is. Not a mean bone to her. She will allow kisses but at some point, enough is enough and she's done!

Both these girls are from an awesome breeder, Virginia from Yellow farm in NY
We visited her lovely farm, spent the night, talked fibery talk and enjoyed her critters including her Scotish Highlander cow, Bubbles!  If you have the chance google Yellow farm. These sheep are taken sunch wonderful care of and her breeding program is tops! Not to mention Virginia's Fiber arts talent...

So now to talk about the 2 new goat kids.   Tiny Tim and Mr. Bojangles. Tiny Tim has the best pygora goat fleece out there. He is giving Chip a run for best fleece!! Mr Bojangles, a character, a people person, a goat clown and sweet. They have added a lot of personality to the goat barn. Never a dull moment. My grandson Luke enjoys the goat games that they allow him to par take in.

So as you can see we've grown here at Dream Come True! Loving each and everyone of them   I'm blessed to be among such beauty each day. My Babydoll sheep don't quite know what to make of all the new family members but they have adjusted just fine. The llamas love the new company. And the ponies just shake their heads. Mike my DH just goes along with it all smiling. Its a wonderful life.

Ive started an on line course through Spin Artiste and Wool Wench, called The Golden Fleece. Its a wonderful spinning and weaving course that is opening my mind and getting my creative juices flowing. Its for 10 months and I'm in month 1. Looking forward to the many assignments that will come. I'm meeting people from all over the world! All in the course too. I think there is about 100 of us. What a cool thing to be involved with. We are keeping a journal on the entire course with samples and photos. There is a workbook that we receive pages of for each assignment called Modules every 6 weeks. We network, we share, its awesome. Part of the course is a circular loom made especially for the course, logo and all. Lots of thought and planning went into this course and these ladies are very busy working with all of us. This will be a large part of my work over the winter months that I'm looking forward to. I'm grateful to be involved in such creativeness. Ill share as we go along some of my work.

Hmmmmm, what else! as if this is not enough. I had over night guests that were passing through on their way to shows.Shepherdess  Kelly from Romney Ridge Farm in Maine. Who I call Master Dyer of yarns. You should see her work.  She  stayed a night on her way from a show. Girls night of yakking and wine drinking! Very Late!  It was nice to share some time with her. Check her yarns out on the net. She always has some awesome ideas for her yarns, patterns etc. Oh and did I mention her adorable artistic needle felting kits! Romney Ridge Farm, Maine

And there was Kathy Withers from Creative Designs by Kathy. She is an angora goat breeder. She was on her way to a show and spent the good part of a day and over night here. We spun, shared ideas, spun some more, spread her wonderful goat fleeces out all over my kitchen in bags, invited some of the girls over to make some fiber purchases! Great time, great angora fiber and a new friend for sure!

Earlier this year I participated in Spin Quest in VA. While there I visited a FB friend Candy and Bill. Calluna Farm. Candy is Shepherdess to Navajo Churro sheep, alpaca, horses a mini donkey and some beautiful chickens.  AND soon, Navajo goats will join her farm.  She is a talented fiber artist who shared her home, farm, ideas and fleece with such joy. We had an awesomely special time.

Our farm is having our annual OPEN HOUSE December 1 12-4pm. You can meet all the new critters and visit with the old one's, have a cup of hot cider, visit and meet new friends around the camp fire, shop our farm shop and visit with Mr. and Mrs Claus. Yes,  I said Mr. and Mrs. Claus!! Santa will be be here once again making a list and sitting for photos. Come on out and enjoy some good old fashioned farm fun.  A gathering of friends to bring in the holiday season. What could be better. We need gatherings like this just to remind us of the simple things in life that should be cheerished.

My weaving has taken off in a big way. That and my spinning are daily activities for me that I thoroughly enjoy.  Lots of both in the farm shop. Oh and Ashly from Ashlyannshands has brought me an entire new line of pottery for the shop. The shop is surely full with holiday gifts for all. Mike has some woodworking in it, I have woven wall hangings, shawls, scarves, hats, mittens, art yarn lariats, cowls are my big thing this year. Of course handspun yarns galore! So much color and texture when that shop door opens.   So come take a peek. Call anytime, email or FB for an appointment.   Or come to the open house. 12-1 12-4pm. We will also be open most Sundays through Christmas, but give a call to make sure we will be here. 203-218-0508

I took a saori weaving class that was awesome. I learned so much. It was so freeing to weave the saori style. I'm taking another in 3 weeks. Cant wait.

My studio is organized for the winter, so that is where you will find me most days. Spinning, weaving, creating, reflecting and enjoying life while I look out of the studio window on the second floor over the entire barnyard. A room with a view for sure.

Wishing you and yours a Happy Holiday season with a grand New Year!

Woolly Hugs from all of us on Dream Come True Farm xo

RIP Hershey Kiss
 2012 Holiday Open
House! A gathering
of cheer!

 Some woven items in the

 Handspun yarn galore!
 New Friends from
Virginia. A great
 Some hand knits
in the shop

So come on out on December 1 12-4 for our Open House Day here at Dream Come True Farm 82 Freeman Rd Oxford Ct. Or call for an appointment most anytime!  Hope to see some of you.