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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fiber Arts Friday FAF "Teenie Tiny Knitting Bag"

Hi Everyone! Its been a very busy week here on the farm. Injections for the animals, gardening and of course all my fiber arts work. I have been commissioned by a designer to do some of my Out Of The Box Art yarn! I spun the yarn and mailed it off today. I don't want to say what she has in mind yet until it happens but wish me luck! Oh and her creation with my yarn is going to two trade shows so if she does well, guess what? then Ill get more work. So that was my really BIG news of the week. Felting calss starts friday here in the wool cave, should be fun  
For my FAF project I'm sharing this small 9" long not including handle "One skein, little yardage project Teenie Tiny Knitting Bag" Its absolutely adorable and eye catching! Here is what I did:
I used my good old twisted drop st which can be seen in lesson form on You Tube under PamsFiber Twisted drop st video. I used sz 17 double pointed needles (15 would work as well) and big chunky art yarn, only 22 yards! Great for those small art yarn skeins. I CO 28 divided the st evenly over the needles and knit the first two rows to firm up the top of the bag. I then knit with the twisted drop st. You can knit as long as you want I did about 9". Then I knit 2 together all the way around. I was left with 14 st on the needle. Next I cut the yarn leaving a tail and thread it through a large tapestry needle, pulled the reaming st through and tied it off securely.  Next I picked up 3 st on the top of the bag wit a double pointed needle and did a 7"-8" eye cord attaching it to the opposite side with a 3 needle bind off. The bag will hold a ball of yarn with round needles and pattern nicely. I just love it over my wrist keeping the ball off the floor or when outdoors, on a trail, in the car, anywhere! So there you have my idea for little yardage and art yarn. Let me know if you try one, send pics
You can increase, decrease stitches, change the length you knit to change the size of the bag, go real big for an awesome large beach bag or go real long and narrow for a yoga bag! I'm loving the Wensleydale lock red bag. Use it with a change purse for money and license and carry it as a little purse. They are very comfortable to wear over your wrist. Did I mention I love the twisted drop st?? Hehehe!! My past projects have used it because it so quick to knit. It originated back when I did the Vogue show in NYC. I needed a pattern for my Out Of The Box yarn, so I chose a one skein scarf using the st. It's an awesome st for so many projects. I'm working on a number of ideas for small yardage art yarn projects, so be sure to check on FAF. I'll be posting in between as well with farm news and other fiber updates so check back often.
 pics. I'm starting my needle felting classes this week. I have one slot already filled with two more openings, if interested shoot me an email. As always visit my Etsy shop for yarn and wild batt sales
or Friend me on FB under PamsFiber Pam Blasko Id love to network with you.
Wait until you see my newest wire yarn idea, I photographed it today and will do a post in a few days. So check back. Remember the FREE drawing for the Spinners Notebook is for anyone who follows this blog in July. I will randomly pick the winner the first week in August. So sign up to follow!! Be well and spin on! Until next time. XO

Beware: This little bag is cuter then cute in person! You just want to hang in from your wrist and admire it! You'll see.........

Check out YouTube for pamsfiber tutorials, more to come soon.
 This is a knock off idea sparked by Ashly Martineau's market bag. Inspiration!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Spin Artiste interview!

Check out my interview!