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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Farm Update with a FREE spiral sock pattern

We are so thrilled to have completed The newest version of The Spinners Notebook

 I've offered a spiral sock pattern here with no need to do a heel turn! It's a tube sock that takes shape of your foot as worn.  I hope you enjoy it. A wonderful pattern for your warm weather knitting. The pattern is posted below. Feel free to copy.
Well the long worked on Spinners Notebook has been completely revised. I'm so thrilled with all who contributed to the notebook. These contributor's are some of the fiber artist and shepherds that we admire the most!  Thanks to ALL of them, we have produced an awesome reference book.
The Spinner’s Notebook – a New Resource for Fiber Artists

Pam Blasko of Dream Come True Farm and Ashly Ann Bartholomew of Ashly Ann’s Hands have put together an important resource that brings together a community of fiber artists and shepherdesses.  The Spinner’s Notebook has been created to help those who want to learn more about animal fleeces including micron count, crimp, and other important characteristics.  This book will help its readers choose the right fleece and/or fiber for spinning, felting, knitting, and other related projects in order to get the best results in their work.

The pages are filled with helpful descriptions of the animals, beautiful photographs and actual samples of their fleeces.  These animals are lovingly raised by local farmers who are dedicated to having their animals produce first quality fibers. There are also instructional pages written by experienced fiber artists to help in the decision making process.

For more information and to purchase the Spinner’s Notebook please go to:

the Notebook is 38.00 with 12.00 shipping anywhere in the US payment.  To order one while they last until next printing you can simply go to paypal and make the payment of 50.00 total to

For out of the country purchases please contact me at  and we can make the arrangement.

CrAzY Spiral No Heel Sock Pattern  (great for beginners)

(tube sock style will fit most any sz foot)


by:Pamsfiber @ Dream Come True Farm


Material list:

*yarn is approximate because most are using a light worsted weight handspun which will vary from person to person.  Mill spun is fine, but pattern was written with

handspun in mind. Approx. 300 yards to be safe. Scraps of many colors are so much fun! Be creative.


*sz 5 double pointed needle


*darning needle






*With sz 5 dp needle CO 42 st dividing them on to 3 needles evenly. Join with a knit st and place a marker then k 2 more st. then P 3


*From this point forward  you will K in rib st K 3, P3 for the cuff of your sock. Do this until you cuff measures 3.5 inches


*End at the marker - *change yarn color if desired at this point




*Next you will k 2, increase one by knitting into the back of the 3rd st. then P2




*Now you will K3, P3 which will give you  the spiral pattern which you will see after about an inch more of knitting.


*Knit until the entire sock not including cuff measures 9 inches. Ending 2 st before your marker *change yarn color at this point if desired





*Next you will K 2tog to go back to the original 42 st  you started with,  continue knitting in stockenette for 6 full rounds ending at your marker





*Now your going to decrease as follows for the rest of the toe:


*K 4, Ktog all the way around

K the next row


*K 3, K 2tog all the way around

K the next row                                  


*K 2, K 2tog all the way around

K the next row


*K1, K2tog all the way around

K the next row


*K 2tog all the way around this final round before the toe




*Next cut the yarn leaving a 5" slip this through the eye of the darning needle and thread it through remaining st, pull tight to close the toe



 *You can change yarn colors for the cuff and toe, mix it up, change colors all the way throughout. Don't bother matching the second sock exactly, the craziness is what makes these socks fun! Repeat same for second sock.






Monday, March 3, 2014

Pams Fiber at Dream Come True Farm update and FREE flower pattern

Welcome this cold, very cold Monday morning to Pamsfiber at Dream Come True Farm.
 Adding a little bit of spring to my wardrobe! I'm going to knit a few of these up to brighten up the dull days that have settled  here in the North East.
 Fast and simple for even a beginner. Here goes, the recipe:
Spring flower from Dream Come True Farm
Use a needle that is suitable to the yarn size you choose. I used a worsted weight with a sz 7 needle.
1. CO 10
2. BO 9
3. CO 10
4. BO 9
Continue doing 1 through 4  until you have 6, 7 or up to 8 spiky petals
Next you will end your work, you will only have one st on your needle so you will just pull the yarn through it to secure.
Next you will sew the piece with a piece of yarn into a circle by placing the first and last spiky petal next to one another. Sew into the circle. Adorn it with either a bobble in the center or a button.  Jazz it up and sew some tiny beads on. If you like some quiet hand work this is a perfect really fast piece.
Play around and be creative while waiting for spring to join us. Have fun with it!

This is the Magical Mystery Lace pattern that I created for a quick and easy way to make another great item for the spring. Its geared toward beginner knitters but even a seasoned knitter would enjoy the outcome of this. I have put kits together with really pretty handspun yarns. Mulberry silk, merino blend. Soffsilk, light weight Babydoll Southdown and a few other wonderful handspuns. I'm making up these kits with one other kit for a shrug/shawl to be sold on FB, my Etsy shop and at the CT Sheep and Wool Festival, last weekend in April. If your in the area or live with in a few hour its the first fiber festival of the year, so come on down and be inspired by many talented fiber artist. Ill also be doing a lecture/demo on chooding the correct fleece to be spun for your knitting project.

Pictured here is my Module 2 assignment yarn for The Journey of the Golden Fleece course that I am participating in through Wool Wench, Suzy Brown and Spin Artiste, Arlene Thayer. They are the team that offers this awesome course together!  Its an online course approx 10 months long. Its full of challenges, good info, friendships, and so much more. If your a spinner you must check out this course
This particular yarn pictured represents the how and whys I got started in raising first horses then sheep. The yarn itself is wool plied in Navajo ply to represent a lead line for horses. The long sheep locks that were spun in while doing the Navajo ply represent my sheep. Its adorned with leather hearts, turquoise, a small horse and a bouquet of horse tail. Ending with a clip on the lead line like yarn.
So much fun!!
So shearing season is near, first week in May. A workshop weekend is happening here in April with Suzy Brown from the Netherlands teaching. Joining her will be the ever so wonderful Arlene Thayer from Spin Artiste and 20 wonderful participants!At the end of April will be the CT Sheep and Wool Festival in Vernon CT
With the sheep and wool fest so near my concentration has been on spinning up handspuns of a variety of fibers and creating kits of my own design to be offered.
Spring is not here as of yet. Nor is there any signs of it. I'm so done this year with the frigid temps and the many snow storms. I try to look at it and say, well with such a bad winter maybe my fiber buddies grew and extra long fleece. Well, I can hope.
I hope Spring visits us all very soon. Until then, be warm, knit, spin and weave and dream of sunshine, the color green, blue skies and the smell of spring.
PS I'm going to spill the beans on a little secret. I have been wanting to revise the Spinners Notebook that I offer for a while now. So I spoke to Ashly who shared in this project with me about revising it. Well, revision turned into redoing almost the entire book. It will have articles written by who I consider and value as some of the most talented and knowledgeable fiber artist in our community. We also have all brand new farms with their desired fiber to feature. We chose them all by their breed of fiber animal, their knowledge and their animal husbandry. The book is in the proofing stage but will be available by April. I know you will love what is in it. If you already own one we will sell the new info at a slightly discounted rate without the notebook for you to insert in your already existing book. So stay-tuned!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Join me on Facebook

So it's been so long since I have posted here. I'm finding it hard to find the time because I devote so much time to writing and posting on FB. I'm thinking of just changing over  to my pages there.  I'm under pamsfiber Pam Blasko and my farm page is Dream Come True Farm and Pamsfiber. I update daily.  Pics, sales, videos and stories can be found there.  With all my spinning and animal husbandry I'm not finding the extra time to write here. I'd love you to join me on FB it's a social media venue that seems to be working well for me. Making new friends, learning and sharing.   So come on over and join me there.   I will still occasionally post things of interest here, videos, learning tools and some important farm updates.     Hope I see you on FB!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

So much to tell, Golden Fleece Journey, new critters, shop updates, new friends!

Where do I start with what has been going on in the last 2 months? I have been happily busy here on the farm. A tiny bit of sadness visited us this past weekend so I guess we can start there and get it over with. We lost our sweetest sheep Hershey Kiss. She was 14 years old and a happy sweet sheep that loved me dearly. I know this for a fact by the way she stuck to me like my shadow whenever I was out in the barnyard. And I loved her as much. We had such a routine together daily.  Because of this I will miss her dearly. She showed no sign of illness of distress, I went out one morning and she was gone. Gone to greener pastures, a new flock with a new shepherd to care for her. I like to think she dyed of old age and it was quick and painless. It did seem that this was the case   RIP Hershey Kiss I will miss you dearly......

Now for happier subjects. We have 3 new sheep in our flock. Rosie the Finn, she is a lamb with a fleece to die for. 8 months old now, a sweetheart. She still acts like a lamb so she makes me smile quite often.

They there is Tomasina the Wensleydale 3 years old and Shira the Teeswater 3 year old. Tomasina is plain old sweet. Sweet as could be. She is a big girl with the biggest kindness eyes and lots of fleece. Accept for her size you wouldn't even know she was out there. Sweet. sweet, sweet. She allows me to pat her, give kisses and admire her curly fleece daily.

And Shira. Well I'm not sure how to explain Shira. She is a quick moving bull in a china cabinet!! A big sheep too, she makes me laugh daily with her crazy antics and her silly ways. But keep and eye on her. She'll knock you right over with her bull in the china cabinet movements. She doesn't mean it, its just who she is. Not a mean bone to her. She will allow kisses but at some point, enough is enough and she's done!

Both these girls are from an awesome breeder, Virginia from Yellow farm in NY
We visited her lovely farm, spent the night, talked fibery talk and enjoyed her critters including her Scotish Highlander cow, Bubbles!  If you have the chance google Yellow farm. These sheep are taken sunch wonderful care of and her breeding program is tops! Not to mention Virginia's Fiber arts talent...

So now to talk about the 2 new goat kids.   Tiny Tim and Mr. Bojangles. Tiny Tim has the best pygora goat fleece out there. He is giving Chip a run for best fleece!! Mr Bojangles, a character, a people person, a goat clown and sweet. They have added a lot of personality to the goat barn. Never a dull moment. My grandson Luke enjoys the goat games that they allow him to par take in.

So as you can see we've grown here at Dream Come True! Loving each and everyone of them   I'm blessed to be among such beauty each day. My Babydoll sheep don't quite know what to make of all the new family members but they have adjusted just fine. The llamas love the new company. And the ponies just shake their heads. Mike my DH just goes along with it all smiling. Its a wonderful life.

Ive started an on line course through Spin Artiste and Wool Wench, called The Golden Fleece. Its a wonderful spinning and weaving course that is opening my mind and getting my creative juices flowing. Its for 10 months and I'm in month 1. Looking forward to the many assignments that will come. I'm meeting people from all over the world! All in the course too. I think there is about 100 of us. What a cool thing to be involved with. We are keeping a journal on the entire course with samples and photos. There is a workbook that we receive pages of for each assignment called Modules every 6 weeks. We network, we share, its awesome. Part of the course is a circular loom made especially for the course, logo and all. Lots of thought and planning went into this course and these ladies are very busy working with all of us. This will be a large part of my work over the winter months that I'm looking forward to. I'm grateful to be involved in such creativeness. Ill share as we go along some of my work.

Hmmmmm, what else! as if this is not enough. I had over night guests that were passing through on their way to shows.Shepherdess  Kelly from Romney Ridge Farm in Maine. Who I call Master Dyer of yarns. You should see her work.  She  stayed a night on her way from a show. Girls night of yakking and wine drinking! Very Late!  It was nice to share some time with her. Check her yarns out on the net. She always has some awesome ideas for her yarns, patterns etc. Oh and did I mention her adorable artistic needle felting kits! Romney Ridge Farm, Maine

And there was Kathy Withers from Creative Designs by Kathy. She is an angora goat breeder. She was on her way to a show and spent the good part of a day and over night here. We spun, shared ideas, spun some more, spread her wonderful goat fleeces out all over my kitchen in bags, invited some of the girls over to make some fiber purchases! Great time, great angora fiber and a new friend for sure!

Earlier this year I participated in Spin Quest in VA. While there I visited a FB friend Candy and Bill. Calluna Farm. Candy is Shepherdess to Navajo Churro sheep, alpaca, horses a mini donkey and some beautiful chickens.  AND soon, Navajo goats will join her farm.  She is a talented fiber artist who shared her home, farm, ideas and fleece with such joy. We had an awesomely special time.

Our farm is having our annual OPEN HOUSE December 1 12-4pm. You can meet all the new critters and visit with the old one's, have a cup of hot cider, visit and meet new friends around the camp fire, shop our farm shop and visit with Mr. and Mrs Claus. Yes,  I said Mr. and Mrs. Claus!! Santa will be be here once again making a list and sitting for photos. Come on out and enjoy some good old fashioned farm fun.  A gathering of friends to bring in the holiday season. What could be better. We need gatherings like this just to remind us of the simple things in life that should be cheerished.

My weaving has taken off in a big way. That and my spinning are daily activities for me that I thoroughly enjoy.  Lots of both in the farm shop. Oh and Ashly from Ashlyannshands has brought me an entire new line of pottery for the shop. The shop is surely full with holiday gifts for all. Mike has some woodworking in it, I have woven wall hangings, shawls, scarves, hats, mittens, art yarn lariats, cowls are my big thing this year. Of course handspun yarns galore! So much color and texture when that shop door opens.   So come take a peek. Call anytime, email or FB for an appointment.   Or come to the open house. 12-1 12-4pm. We will also be open most Sundays through Christmas, but give a call to make sure we will be here. 203-218-0508

I took a saori weaving class that was awesome. I learned so much. It was so freeing to weave the saori style. I'm taking another in 3 weeks. Cant wait.

My studio is organized for the winter, so that is where you will find me most days. Spinning, weaving, creating, reflecting and enjoying life while I look out of the studio window on the second floor over the entire barnyard. A room with a view for sure.

Wishing you and yours a Happy Holiday season with a grand New Year!

Woolly Hugs from all of us on Dream Come True Farm xo

RIP Hershey Kiss
 2012 Holiday Open
House! A gathering
of cheer!

 Some woven items in the

 Handspun yarn galore!
 New Friends from
Virginia. A great
 Some hand knits
in the shop

So come on out on December 1 12-4 for our Open House Day here at Dream Come True Farm 82 Freeman Rd Oxford Ct. Or call for an appointment most anytime!  Hope to see some of you.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fiber Art Event Here On The Farm

Ive been spinning using wire and elastic as a core for a while now and I'm enjoying creating wearable fiber arts with this technique. I have been asked to have a class on the techniques so I have put together an event that will be a lot of fun here on the farm.   Click the link below for the details of this farm event and class.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Classes offered on the farm:

Fiber Art Days On The Farm class description. Hourly or full day experience
I teach spinning to beginners or to folks that are ready to go on to the next spinning experience:
beginner spinning 
art yarn techniques
 drop spindle spinning,
art batt carding
fiber board techniques
washing fleeces
carding and picking fleeces
dyeing fiber
beginner knitting
I can supply the drum carder, picker, wheels, drop spindles, fiber and pretty much everything needed if you're a newbie.
My fee is 35.00 an hour or 155.00 for a full day of classes on the farm which includes lunch.
I welcome and encourage you to bring your own fiber but I can supply fiber for an extra fee as well. I also have lots of fun add in's for purchase if needed. 
 So if you have an interest in learning to spin, a fiber arts technique or a particular art yarn technique that you need some help with, lets talk.
I will travel to your guild, shop or group. Cost depends on where and what your request are

             For more information email me or call the farm at 1-203-218-0508

                                                    Give us a call!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Etsy shop update! I have a new look and new items!

 I have been working hard over the summer to offer new and different items in my Etsy shop. My passion and Zen is to spin art yarns. Non traditional full of fun, unique in fiber and full of interest and texture. Not everyone knits or crochets so I decided to start to design textile art wear. So I now have more to offer in the way of wearable fiber arts. So check out my Etsy. I have lots more to add, and will each week.  Its a matter of photographing it all.....Thank you ahead of time for taking a peek.  Feedback is welcome.

 Textile fiber arts neckwear
 Boot toppers or leg warmers
Mohair spun on to elastic
for a unique fiber arts

Please click on the link above to visit my Etsy and see more of these unique textile fiber art designs


Thursday, October 3, 2013


It has been an extremely busy summer. Both Fiber arts wise and farm activity wise. I had the opportunity to do some traveling with friends that brought me to new fiber friends and ideas. As I sit and contemplate on my journeys I relish in the friendships that were made or in some cased renewed. Fiber arts is a funny thing that has a way of bringing folks together. New ideas are created, ideas are shared and new thoughts and creations emerge. I return home, busy my mind with ideas, remembering the beauty in each person I spent time with and joy floods my soul. I then begin to create with a feeling of abundance and gratitude through my fiber arts. As I reflect on my journeys my heart feels full, my eyes open and unexpected creativity flows through me.
I'm busying myself with plans for a show this weekend and a spinning workshop idea is dancing in my mind. I have also decided to give my Etsy shop a face lift and offer more finished wearable fiber art accessories. I look at my yarns and happiness over comes me so I thought, why are you not creating more with these beautiful yarns? So that has brought me to the new ideas that are unfolding for my Etsy shop. I have also worked hard over the summer on some spinning techniques that I now feel I have all the kinks and bugs out of.  A workshop is in order to share these ideas and bring us all together once again to work on what we love to do. So keep it in mind and check back for a date and the class description.
So for today these are my thoughts.......I hope you all have enjoyed your summer and are ready for the fall months. After all its when we get to fashion our hand knits!
My ideas are in the works and I cannot wait for you to all here about them as they unfold.

                                       Some of my summer spinning!


Friday, July 12, 2013

Something new! Fiber Arts Day on the farm

I have just scheduled my 3rd private all day fiber arts class here on the farm. I'm finding that folks have an interest for these type of class days. So I'm adding Fiber Art Days On The Farm to my class description.
I teach spinning to beginners or to folks that are ready to go on to the next spinning experience:
art yarn techniques
 drop spindle spinning,
art batt carding
fiber board techniques
washing fleeces
carding and picking fleeces
dyeing fiber
I can supply the drum carder, picker, wheels, drop spindles, fiber and pretty much everything needed if you're a newbie.
My fee is 35.00 an hour or 30.00 and hour for a full day of class on the farm which includes lunch. .
I welcome and encourage you to bring your own fiber but I can supply fiber for an extra fee as well. I also have lots of fun add in's for purchase if needed. 
 So if you have an interest in a fiber arts technique or a particular art yarn technique that you need some help with, lets talk.
 Carding art batts

 2 ply traditional yarn

 drop spindle spinning

 small batch dyeing

 What I call ruffled yarn

 coil and beehive yarn

fabric yarn spinning

traditional and art yarn spinning

If you're interested in taking an hourly class, a day on the farm class or a group class give me a ring or drop me an email or 202-218-0508 and we can discuss your interests. I also travel to teach group lessons, we can discuss those fees if you're interested.

Happy Fiber Days!