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Thursday, March 26, 2015

We're bahhhhhhhhck!

Where to start? It has been such a busy 2014 that our blog has suffered terribly. Its been a long winter and hard to manage the farm as well. But here we are all the critters from the farm to say we're baaaaahck!
So lets begin by telling you that we survived the winter. WHEW! it was not easy. Plus Mom had hand surgery over the winter which made things really hard. We did our best to help her out.
We have increased our chicken flock and get about 12 eggs a day! Yup, its egg heaven over here. We enjoy watching the chickens, we find them quite entertaining. Occasionally we chase them, but shhhh don't say anything!
We are being shorn this weekend!! Yay, we are so ready. But of course its going to be a cold weekend. We dont worry though because Mom will cover us and give us lots of fresh straw to help us stay warm. So there will be a Finn fleece, 2 Wensleydale fleeces, 1 Teeswater fleece and 4 pygora fleeces. Im sure Mom will share some in her Etsy shop.
So, let us think......Oh yes the Spinners Notebook has been updated with 5 more pages! Its grown nicely with some amazing fiber samples. And we hear that this year there will be a newsletter a few times a year, another update with more supplements and some surprises that we are not allowed to tell you about. And Mom will know because she now has an eye in the sky on us 24/7. A sheep cam watches over us.
We also hear that there in going to be a retreat that Mom Ashly from Ashlyannshands  and Virginia from Yellow Farm are going to offer. You will all be updated on that very soon. Its going to be awesome, lots of great fibery things, farm visits, yoga for spinners and more! Stay tuned.
We are all glad at Dream Come True Farm that Spring is hear and we hope that you all survived the winter months with ease.
And the BIG news for now is that Mom has promised to update our blog on a regular basis again with lots of good fibery stuff, news about us (of course) and share all kinds of goodies with you all.
So take a peek at our pictures to see how good we look and know that we have missed you all!
Love, all of us at Dream Come True Farm



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