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Monday, November 29, 2010

Holiday Open House Fun! FUN had by all!

Happy Holidays to everyone! What a way to bring the holidays in. We had a blast at our holiday open house. I lost count of how many people came and joined the holiday fun. Santa has a list a mile long, he visited with so many kids that Mrs Claus had to take him home and put him to bed early! Our tree was decorated with ornaments that folks brought and the friendship paper chain that kids made while visiting. So Mike and I will go and purchase an art craft kit to be donated from our farm and all the visitors who added an ornament and a paper chain link to Toys for Tots. . Thank you to all who made the tree decorating a success. The tree sits on our front porch now and will stay there lit for us to look at and remember all the wonderful folks who visited our farm. Then in a couple of weeks the ornaments that were brought will be placed on a tree put up by our local FD at Stevenson Dam for all to enjoy. The animals enjoyed all the attention and received a lot of treats! Just follow the pictures, they tell the wonderful story of the day we had. People made the trek up the long steep driveway to help make our day a dream come true! Happy holidays to all and to all a good day! From all of us at Dream Come True Farn.