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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Newest tenant! and Christmas in July?

Am I crazy? In this heat knitting holiday stockings? Some would say I am, and it's not just the stockings that makes them say so. These are the first 3 of the handspun, handknit heirloom stockings to be hung by the chimney with care. Spun and knitted from our alpaca, llama and or sheep fiber. They measure about 24 to 28 inches in length. Last year I hand dyed all the stockings, this year I will knit them all in natural colors. IM liking the all natural look to these. Kind of like old worn stockings that would have been hung long ago in much simpler times. These will all be hung out in the shop as they are completed. I hope to have many by our September and November Open House. But they are available in our shop now if you can possibly think "holidays" in this heat. Think cool and maybe you will stay cool. Have a great Monday.

Once again I came across a surprise tenant. This one is living in and and around my African Lilly of the Nile, which is on the deck in a large pot. I was checking on the plant one evening in the dark and I thought there was something on one of the leaves. I went to remove it and it moved! With much surprise I jumped back with a little gasp. The frog didn't move. So I welcomed him, misted the plant and can now find him there most nights.