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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Santa will be at Dream Come True Farm

Yes, its true Santa and his number 1 elf are arriving at Dream Come True farm on November 29th around 12:30 pm! We were as surprised as you may be when we got the call. He heard about the open house, he chimney fire, the shop being open and most of all he is considering having an alpaca lead the sleigh this year! Well, that was just hear say I didn't get that straight from the horses mouth. You never know. So the alpaca boys will be on their best behavior, the goats, well there is no best behavior for them. The sheep are a bit indifferent BUT the llamas are saying they could lead a sleigh much better then the alpacas! So be sure to fit us in, come join the holiday fun and get into the spirit. You can see by the look on the alpacas that they are saying "Who is coming, when and why?" Hmmmmmmmmmmmm?

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