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Monday, November 2, 2009

Alpaca Gold Jackpot!

I was honored by the owners of Alpaca Connection where I got my alpaca boys from this past week. I was offered approx. 1,000 pounds of wonderful Alpaca fleeces from their herd! Guess what my answer was when the call came in? YES are you kidding me? I immediately made arrangements with Mike to take the day off from work so that we could make the trip and pick it up. We quickly realized the amount of fiber that we would be getting was more then our pick up truck could take, so a call went out to Marti and Ray, from Simple Gifts farm. Off went the 2 pick up truck and the 4 crazy alpaca fiber people! It was a chore but a wonderful chore. My appreciation to Jonnie and Ruthann cannot be expressed.

Once we got it all home we sorted through the fleeces, divided it up to share with our spinning friends. Then Marti and I went through each and every bag from our share and bagged all the different colors together getting it ready for the next step. We are deciding how to proceed with this amount of fiber but you can be sure we will come up with a solution! Some great mill spun yarns will be a definite in our plan and most likely some roving to spin ourselves. Over the weekend the girls came and went through the rest of the stash, bagged it and went on their merry, happy wat with a load of fleece for themselves! I hope all will enjoy these beautiful fleeces whch came in every color of the alpaca rainbow.. We hit the Alpaca gold jack pot! Thank you Joannie and Ruthanne!

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