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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Farm fun weekend - National Alpaca Weekend

Our Open House for National Alpaca Days is this weekend! September 25th and 26th. The following farms have worked together to put together a day of farm fun. All the farms will be open (free) to educate the public on small scale farming and raising alpacas among other farm animals. Displays,farm shops, alpaca products demos, and loads of farm fun. Brochures or farm cards will be available here for additional farms and their address.... Here on our farm we will also offer a knitting circle, bring your knitting and sit and join in some knitting and maybe meet some new knitting friends. We will also have a number of hands on activities to help educate you as to what we do here. I hope to see you. Farm On!And good luck to all my farm friends!

*Dream Come True Farm, 82 Freeman Rd., Oxford

*Alpacaboose Farm at 12 East St. Oxford

*Alpaca Hill Farm, 8 Willow St. Seymour

*Coon Hollow Farm, located at 156 Punkup Rd. in Oxford

*Hubbell Farm at French’s Corner 61 East Village Rd. in Shelton (White Hills)

*Simple Gifts Farm, 1135 James Farm Rd. Stratford

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