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Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring on the farm

There are certainly signs of spring here on the farm this morning as I go outside with Grandson Luke to the wonderful long awaited sunshine to feed. The gardens are cleaned out with tiny little greens peeking out to feel the sun. The maple sugar buckets are all washed and drying on the fence waiting to be put up until next year. We had a great sugar harvest. We have enough syrup to last us until next year and some to sell in the farm shop. The maple trees are budding from that wonderful sap that ran up and down during sugar season. Another sign of spring is the ponies are beginning to shed their long thick winter coats. The days are longer and I'm wanting to spend more time outside with all the animals. We have dried out from the long winter and have no more mud spots. Mud season is hard on a farm, boots getting stuck in the mud and sucked off, slipping and coming in with your backside full of wet mud having to strip down befor you go any further. ! I now get up earlier each morning to enjoy the sun with a cup of coffee coming in the big front window while I contemplate my day. The animals are all out earlier each morning, waiting for breakfast and wanting to visit me for a quick pat while I get their breakfast. Luke is outside with me on the farm enjoying today, the life of a farm boy! Just wait until he can walk! Shearing is just about a month away. Then all the new spinning dyeing and new yarns will be being made for the shop and Etsy. The 60 degree temps that we are having today is a real sign of spring! Life is good here at Dream Come True Farm. Remember to stop by the farm if your in the area we would love to see you.
Check back for all farm news. Hope to see some of you soon. Pam XOXOX

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