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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wet felted alpaca neck bags

I have found the perfect project inspired by my friend Dawn from Coon Hollow Farm, alpaca neck bags. This is a perfect use for the neck and good leg fiber from the alpaca boys from shearing time. I gathered all the leg and neck wool that was not so bad and mixed it all together. Then as a surprise to me I was given 2 huge bags of Alpaca Hills neck and leg wool! What to do with all of this was the question? I cleaned it all up, kept the best and sent it to the mill to be made into felt through their wet felting method. I got back at least 20 huge pieces! So I have been playing for the last 2 weeks with it making a few things. These bags are completed so I thought I would share. The necklace part is from our Babydoll Southdown sheep made into kind of a braid. I think the buttons just finish these bags off. I have put deer antler button on 2 and some dogwood buttons of 2. I'm making them all about the buttons. Unique and of beauty. So my search is on for buttons! Hand stitched all the way around with a braided necklace completes the bag. I think they will be great to carry your license and cash, when a purse is not needed. Thanks alpaca boys from Dream Come True and Alpaca Hill!

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