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Monday, March 29, 2010

Harvest takes place early on the farm!

I almost forgot to tell you about my dehydrator! I'm getting to know how to dehydrate all veggies and how best to use them. When our garden is at full potential this year dehydrating along with freezing is how I'm going to go. Pictured are seasoned zucchini chips that are out of this world! Placed in a salad, or eaten as chips with a sandwich or simply rehydrate and eat along with your meal. I'm ready now for that bumper crop that will be coming in this summer!

We have taken to growing sprouts indoors right in the kitchen! We just couldn't wait for those greens in the garden to come up so that we could enjoy them on our plates. So we are finding that sprouts are the way to go while waiting. I will be growing sprouts of all kinds in my kitchen. Done correctly you can have 2-4 cups from each tray within 5 days. Pictured is a garden mix of wheat grass, radish and clover. On my counter radish and alfalfa have just started to sprout. So now I have 5 trays at once of little sprouts sprouting up on the counter. Its amazing to watch the cycle of a sprout. I received my organic seed sprout order that should last me next to a year. We are really enjoying adding them to salads, eggs, soups and veggie dishes. But my favorite is avocado and sprouts or tomatoes and sprout sandwiches! I could go on and on about these sprouts but I think you get what I'm saying! I'm so excited, greens fresh and organic all year round! Did I mention how inexpensive the seed bags are compared to what they will give you? I must go now and spray my sprouts! Happy Monday.

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