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Monday, October 4, 2010

Spinning perch

My dear very talented artist friend Scarlett, painted this chair for me. The chair was my daughter Brooke's when she about 7 years old, so that makes the chair 26 years old! I saved it in the basement all that time. I brought it to my friend Scarlett one day and asked if she could spruce it up for me? I left it up to her as to what should go on it. I just told her I wanted something bright and cheerful that I would use it as my spinning chair at my wheel. This weekend my chair was delivered to me with this wonderful painting on it. She turned it into a spinning perch, for me! I shall perch in this many happy hours in the years to come. Each time I sit I will take a moment and think of my dear friend Scarlett and the many dear friends that I have been blessed with. Scarlett has reminded me of that. This is very special to me and will remain so for a lifetime. Thank you dear Scarlett.


Verde Farm said...

That is just beautiful. She is very talented and I know this chair will make you smile each time you sit to spin your wool. I got my first two sheep yesterday and hope to learn to spin next year.
Amy ~:>-

Coon Hollow Farm said...

I saw this in person and it is just beautiful! Nice work Scarlett!