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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Weekend update!

Over this past weekend we went to the New England Sheep and Wool festival in Mass. It was wonderful. This was their first year and I hope that all the vendors did well and this will be a yearly event. After being there on Sunday I was inspired to do some work. A sheep and wool festival always does that to me. So I broke out the wild drum carder and went to town on it. I did 14 batts of some wild and crazy fibers. Included in this fiber list is silk, alpaca, sheep, angora goat locks, angora bunny wool, suri alpaca locks, yarn cut into 4 in. pieces, sari silk thread, angeline and embroidery thread! I think I covered it all! I chose the fibers carefully for eash batt, carding it only once through the carder so as to add texture to the yarn when spun. I then sat and spun it all up ending with 7 skeins of WiLd and CrAzY yarn. Works up beautifully with so much character, These are listed in my Etsy shop for sale. The yarn comes with a free pattern that was designed to go along with the wool Check out my etsy shop

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