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Monday, June 20, 2011

Carding, carding, carding and more carding!

Quick update from the farm:
The past few weeks I have spent part of my days carding wool batt blends on my drum carder. I have been blending alpaca fiber, angeline for sparkle, sheep wool, soy, angeline Angora locks and some angora bunny! Its been so much fun to watch the rainbow of colors go through the drum cand and the wonderful cloud batts that emerge. Ever so soft, ever so rich with color. I have loads of scrap hand dyed wool saved up for these colorful batts. And the natural batts that I blend are just to die for! The softness of these is just wonderful. I have been listing and selling most of these in my Etsy shop to be sold because summer months are a bit slow in the shop. I have pictured just a few of the batts that emerged magically from my drum card. If you should see something you like just drop me a line. These are great for both wheel and drop spindle.

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