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Thursday, January 19, 2012

PamsFiber went to Vogue Knitting Live in NYC!

Well, the VKL show in NYC was more then I could have hoped for! The very best thing was all my friends and family that came to help or support me! And the all the well wishes and support from the one's who could not make it. Ill never forget them for that. It really meant a lot to me to have them with me to have the one's that could make it with me. Not to mention the fun and laughs they brought!
Then there were the sales! Yes, I was only 200.00 away from my goal. But the interview with Interweave Press made up for the 200 short of that goal. I also met so many wonderful people that I know from FB! Meeting them in person was awesome. I was asked to do a couple of yarn tasting days at various yarn shops, a talk radio interview and to spin for a designer. So I am one happy spinner/shepherdess!
I feel the the Big Apple was very good to me.
Our booth set up came out just like I imagined, even better, more room then I thought. Our dinner with the group of friends and family was so much fun! Lost of laughs and wonderful food from Ariana's Afghan Kabob house.
Our stay at Carla and Milts made the trip so cozy and comfortable. Ashly and Rick were the wonderful helpful friends that they always are. Liz, rocked the booth with Kelly and Brooke when I did my Fiber Preparation and Spinning Demo. Maryi checked in and kept tabs on everyone, suzy and Leslie arranged our wonderful dinner and Leslie, yes you make a wonderful sign maker! Mom and Dad surprised me when they showed up in the Bog Apple! And Mike was as supportive as he always is. I love you all! Your the best.
I have been hoarding the hundreds of skeins of handspun that I worked on for the show so I will be listing what I came home with in my Etsy shop. Some new yarns spun with a different twist! So much new inspiration for yarns, so stay tuned. Keep checking in
My next blog post will have a free winter give away, 3 alpaca knitting kits, pattern and yarn! A thank you to my followers and for fun during the winter months so stop back in a few weeks! Thanks for all who made the Vogue weekend possible, it was a blast and I think it put me on the knitting road map!

So for now I'm going to work on building my Etsy shop with awesome handspuns and getting my farm shop in order. I have loads of creative yarn ideas that I will be working on. And I'm taking a Pluckyfluff Camp class with Lexi Boeger in June so that should be the icing on the cake for my creative handspun yarns! So keep an eye on my etsy shop, and of course you can always make an appointment for the farm shop. And don't forget, follow me on FB for all my spinning and farming ventures. Friend me under Pam Mike Blasko. Love to see you there.

You can also find me on the new " Knitting GPS" App available for iPhones right now and Droid in the near future. It's an awesome tool for vacation or sitting at home surfing through all the yarn shops, their locations, blogs and websites. Brought to you by: Jonelle Beck from SWTC. Awesome App idea.

I hope your winter days are bright, and bring you only the best! XO

FREE give a way in about two weeks!!! Details above. Join in. Tell your friends. If your not a knitter and you win I'll send Goat Milk soap instead. Your choice.

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