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Friday, July 20, 2012

FAF Fiber Arts Friday-using wire core spun art yarn

Hey everyone! Today for FAF I thought I'd show you some ideas for using wire core spun art yarn. I have been spinning it all week long in 10 yard skeins. I love the sculpting abilities that the yarn has. I will be listing some in my Etsy shop later today or at the latest this weekend. Its a blast to work with. So for those of you not familiar with wire core yarn it is yarn or wool roving spun around a wire. Therefor it can be shaped and molded.. What I have done with it here is knitted a cuff bracelet with a button for a closure. The yarn is spun as a heavy worsted weight from a custom wool batt that I carded. I used 10 yards and size 15 needles. I CO 8 St which made a wide cuff, cut down on your St and make it narrower if you'd like. I then knit garter st for 7 1/2 inches in a loose tension! BO loose, shape it to your liking. That is it! The button is beautiful, hand carved bone. No need for a button hole, the yarn actually forms a button hole at your placement choice. It slips over my wrist, no need to button and un button. Its flexable and will fit most.  Its easy to wear and can be sculpted as you like. I have curled over the edges and pulled the bracelet wide. This is a perfect way to use this wire core spun yarn. As you can see from the photos I have also used in to decorate my home. Yarn sculpting is what I'm calling it. I love it on the mantel, it's natural and orgainic. I have to tell you it looks great hung on the wall, sculpted into a 3-D manner as just wall art. I have draped it over a mirror, framed pictures or around my neck! Its light and easy to shape. I hope you enjoy this simple idea. That's what FAF is all about..... small projects, easy to do, using mostly art yarns and keeping your expense low. Art yarn is a lot of work and can be on the expensive side. Fun to use..... its worth it!

I'm going to be doing a separate blog posting for all other news over the weekend. I have some great pics of the farm shop with all the new items. Its full to the brim and looks grand. I love shopping there myself!! So check back to see all the new creativity. The free give a way of the Spinners Notebook is end of month for all who sign on to follow this blog in July. My Etsy shop will be updated today and all week. I have so many new things to offer. Including custom batts, wire yarn and some wonderful exciting art yarns. Thanks for stopping by and supporting this blog and my fiber journey! XO
Lots of great ideas coming to this blog for FAF! So be sure to sign on as a follower! I hope you enjoed todays idea.

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