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Friday, September 7, 2012

FAF Fiber Arts Friday! Quick and fun idea

Hey All, here we are another Friday, so this means another week flew by! Its been a really busy week here. Lots of farm work, lots of fiber work. Its that time a year. We start to get ready for the cooler months and winter. Soon the sheep will be coated. I wait until the fleece is long enough to start getting chafe stuck inside and then I cover them after blowing out any tiny bits that may have worked its way in. This is usually around end of September when its a bit cooler. By doing this I can produce a beautiful clean fleece that has not been weathered badly. Bringing hay up to the barns and straw and storing it in every available space and taking cob webs down, another chore completed.
Of course this is the time of year that fiber arts sales kicks in. I have been creating and adding things to my Etsy shop and farm shop on a regular basis. Ill be all ready for the fall schedule. My previous post has a lot of information on our farm schedule and fiber festival and all things I'm involved with for the fall.
Today I'm sharing the" how to" on  finger knitting. Using art yarn will produce an awesome end result using the following technique. I use this with kids, who love doing it, making things that make them proud and that they can wear to show off their work.
I myself use the technique and make hair accessories, belts, lariats and even garlands adding on charms and fun things to display! But I say it again, art yarn and this technique is a lot of fun and will give you great end results.
This weekend, craft shop for the chain purchase to make and art yarn necklace! Im loving this idea. Think holidays and gifts!

Until next Friday! Happy thoughts, Happy Life! XO


Kelly said...

I used to do this when I was a kid and had forgotten all about it! The necklace is great, thanks for sharing!!!

Lykkagard said...

Totally into mode, the finger came - knit.
Beautifully weekend!
Ich hoffe das ich das richtig geschrieben habe. Auch in Deutschland ist Fingerstricken jetzt angesagt.