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Monday, December 31, 2012

Please help....,,,,,,a simple request

To all of my knitters, crocheters and spinning friends around the country. I have a very small favor to ask of you.  My friend Marti Kosh had the wonderful idea to do a comfort afghan for my friend Scarlett who lost her 6 year old son to the Sandy Hook tragedy and for her surviving son JT who is 13. . If you'd like to help will you consider knitting or crocheting one or two 8" squares out of either handspun or store bought yarn in either acrylic or wool we will make it all work. Whatever pattern you'd like, whatever color you'd like. If you'd like to include a note we will pass it on. It's a small request but will have a huge impact on the family. Warmth from all around the country!! Thanks guys. You can mail them to Dream Come True Farm 82 Freeman Rd Oxford CT 06478.

Happy New Year to ALL of you! 
The more you bless others, the more you will be blessed
Hugs from all of us at Dream Come True Farm


Joey Ford said...

This is a very sweet request and I will try to help out Pam. It's important to support others where it is needed. God Bless!

Brita said...

I will send my squares out tomorrow. Hope it will arrive in time.
All the best for you Pam and thank you to put these great idea into practice! I totally agree with Joey Ford, it is important to support and my thoughts are with the whole family!
Regards from Switzerland