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Friday, July 12, 2013

Something new! Fiber Arts Day on the farm

I have just scheduled my 3rd private all day fiber arts class here on the farm. I'm finding that folks have an interest for these type of class days. So I'm adding Fiber Art Days On The Farm to my class description.
I teach spinning to beginners or to folks that are ready to go on to the next spinning experience:
art yarn techniques
 drop spindle spinning,
art batt carding
fiber board techniques
washing fleeces
carding and picking fleeces
dyeing fiber
I can supply the drum carder, picker, wheels, drop spindles, fiber and pretty much everything needed if you're a newbie.
My fee is 35.00 an hour or 30.00 and hour for a full day of class on the farm which includes lunch. .
I welcome and encourage you to bring your own fiber but I can supply fiber for an extra fee as well. I also have lots of fun add in's for purchase if needed. 
 So if you have an interest in a fiber arts technique or a particular art yarn technique that you need some help with, lets talk.
 Carding art batts

 2 ply traditional yarn

 drop spindle spinning

 small batch dyeing

 What I call ruffled yarn

 coil and beehive yarn

fabric yarn spinning

traditional and art yarn spinning

If you're interested in taking an hourly class, a day on the farm class or a group class give me a ring or drop me an email or 202-218-0508 and we can discuss your interests. I also travel to teach group lessons, we can discuss those fees if you're interested.

Happy Fiber Days!

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