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Friday, February 19, 2010

Dye day and sock knitting

Well, today I got the dye pot out and spent the morning dyeing alpaca skeins! Something in the air made me want to start some dyeing. I think this means Spring is around the corner! I couldn't decide on colors, then it came to me earth tones. Shaded earth tones. The colors I chose reminded of winter. I see these colors out my window, the mahogany which reminded me of the bark on the trees, the pine, for obvious reasons and the persimmon for the berries I saw on the bushes that the birds feasted on through the winter. So in saying farewell to winter, these are the colors I chose.
I'm also working on a pair of alpaca tube socks from our mill spun alpaca yarn. Because there is no heal these can me done on round needles! I sometime just want to sit and plain old knit, not really having to concentrate on a pattern. I love all the wool socks that I have made so I though this would be a quick easy project with quick results! So here is the first half knit alpaca sock! Feels so good already? By the way this is a wonderful first sock for a new knitter. Remember to sign up for our FREE give-a-way! Details below.

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Leenie said...

This is so funny. I was admiring your website (and your Etsy shop) and I was thinking "I wish they were close by so I could go there". And then I realized you were in Oxford. I'm in Middlebury, LOL. I'll have to stop by some time.