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Thursday, February 25, 2010

One completed alpaca sock! And Farm News!

We have the maple tree's tapped, the sap is dripping ans we should be cooking syrup this weekend! So we will have syrup for the spring opening of the shop. I'm also rolling bee's was candles which are so beautiful with its natural honey color. I have lots of new yarns already for the shop. I'm working on new glass shawl pins which I will also display at CT Sheep and Wool Fest. in April. Marti from Simple Gifts Farm has offered me a corner of her table to show my pins. I'm also going to be introducing a line of hand painted oil note cards this year in the shop, one for each season, limited of course to what I can get done. They will all be originals, set of four to a pack.

Well, I finished the first sock and what a cozy comfortable sock it is! I'm so glad I decided to use this yarn. The sock fits like a glove and is so soft, I just wiggle my toes around inside and enjoy the feel. I'm on my way with sock number 2, can't wait to get it done. DONT FORGET THE FREE GIVE-A-WAY, DETAILS IN POST BELOW! A couple fo weeks left for the sign up. I also have something in mind for the next FREE GIVE-A-WAY!

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Anonymous said...

Can hardly wait to try to make a pair. They look easy and cozy. Great job!! Good luck with the syrup. It should really flow over the next week!! Marti