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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Shearing day is almost here!

Well its about 2 weeks away until these woollies get sheered! I thought I'd post a few pics of some of them in full wool and then show you how much smaller these guys will look after shearing. Shearing is April 23rd. We have sheep shearers that come to do the job. It should take only a couple of hours. I then skirt (clean) any chaff, belly and leg wool out. Then its all bagged up and sent to a mill for cleaning and to be put into roving form spinning. This will take about 3 months. When its shipped back the best part begins, spinning dyeing and planning projects. The coats on the sheep are to help keep the wool clean and from being weathered. There will be no chaff in the covered parts or no sun bleached tips. All our sheep wear coats so that we may produce the best wool possible. I'll post pics of shearing day so that you can see the entire process.

These guys will be sheered just in time for those warm days that are just around the corner. A newly sheered sheep is a happy sheep and a happy Shepherd will be me, with all that new fiber!

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