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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Camp Plucky Fluff And Some Farm News

Last weekend I attended the Plucky Fluff Camp with Lexi Boeger  author of three art yarn spinning books. It was fantastic, creative, positive, full of information and techniques. The camp was arranged by Dayna from Madison Wool and took place on an awesome farm also in Madison. The farm was a spectacular setting for the camp, thank you Laura Lyons for such beauty!
 I met the most fabulous women. For me this was the greatest! It confirmed and supported the fact that spinning handspun yarns does not have to be boring! I have been spinning what some would call unconventional yarns for the past year or so that I have just fallen in love with using. But others are not sure how to use them. I love to spin traditional yarns but art yarns are the bomb! Full of surprises and loaded with character. They are wonderful for embellishing a piece or used alone, they turn heads! I learned that ALL yarns have a place. Yarns are not only for knitting once you've learned these techniques. They are ART! Seriously, you can wear them without knitting them, use them as wall art, place in a strategic place in a strategic way and use as an art yarn sculpture. And of course knit with them!  Embellish your knitting or crochet project or add to an already made piece purchased from the department store making it a one of a kind!  Defiantly give as a gift to a knitter friend if you see an awesome skein in their favorite colors!
Below are are just a few awesome yarns that I spun in the Plucky Fluff class and when I came home.  I think this blog will slowly turn into a showcase for my yarns and knit projects. A place of course for all farm news, gatherings and updates.  I would also like to add some fun and quick project ideas with basic instructions for using both art and traditional handspun yarns on a regular basis.The idea for this was inspired by fellow fiber artist Ashley Martineau. Lets change the knitting community and make it into  an knitting "ART" community. Stay tuned for my crazy and not so crazy ideas and pattern. Coming really soon. I'm working on one right now. Its going to be fun to share and give ideas on how to use art yarns that for the most part  spun in small yard batches  because of the time, material and techniques.  By all means if you have any ideas you'd like to share drop me a line.
Now for farm news:
The farm shop is open most Sundays and any other day by appointment. The farm news I have to share is the new line of pottery and artisan jewelry that has been added to the farm shop. Pottery yarn bowls, leaf bowls and more! Hand beaded jewelry and pottery jewelry all made by fellow fiberest and potter Ashlyann....The shop is a must see this summer! Stop on by.
 The next news is that I'm expecting! NO not in that way! I am expecting the arrival of 3 pygora goats at summers end. I'm so excited. I first had to wait for their birth, then had to pick the ones I wanted and now have to wait to have them make the long trek across the country. Its much to hot during summer months so most likely it will be September some time...Pictures to follow in future posts. The fiber will be awesome, type A long and super soft!
By the way the sheep say "Hello" They've lost weight, been on a diet because my shearer said they had to loose weight!! So they look good, feel good and move around a lot more. So it was for the best. I guess that's it for now. My next post will have two completed projects using low yardage from art yarns so check back often for these awesome projects, all tried and tested....
 My yarns are always available in my Etsy shop at as well as my farm shop.  I'm now offering free shipping in the USA

Remember check back to see the fun things Im going to share with you all and for more exciting yarns that I will be spinning.......... XO Pam


Unknown said...

Pam, love your color combo's, so great to meet so many like minded fiber folk!

knitsetter said...

Love your blog. And your friendship.

farmlady said...

Plucky Fluff Camp. I love the name and it sounds like a very special workshop. What fun it must have been.
Love the photos of your yarn. If I never did a knit stitch again I would always have beautiful yarn laying around. I just like seeing it, touching it and buying it. Guess that qualifies as an obsession, doesn't it?
Take care.