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Saturday, June 30, 2012

What to do with left over Art Yarns.....from PamsFiber

Hello everyone, so here I am to share ideas on using left over or small amounts of  "Art Yarns"  We all know the time and cost of the material that goes into art yarns so it becomes very precious to us. I have some folks ask "what would I use this for?"  Its lovely but I'm not sure what to do with it." So I thought that every week or so, most likely on FAF fiber arts Friday I would post ideas. Sometime art yarns are sold in low yardage counts or sometime we have that gorgeous 6' or 3' piece left over and we certainly don't throw it away, so we wind up with a basket full of them, using on a gift package for someone. This in its self is a wonderful idea especially if its a fiber friend. But here today I'm showing a few very simple ideas that I have used those left over or sample spinning runs of art yarns for... First pictured is my lamp shade decoration. What you can't see in the photo is to the left of the lamp is my live plant corner. I thought this looked to be like a vine and fit right in next to the plants! Response, people love it. "Where did you get that lamp shade?" So success with that 6' piece of art yarn. Next is a 36" of  brightly colored practice art yarn that was spun with a variety of left over roving's and 1/2" wide silk ribbon.Its a lumpy bumpy double plied yarn. As I said, it was just a trial run so now what do I do with it. VIOLA! a bracelet with a funky hand painted handmade ceramic button. I wrap it around my wrist twice and button it. It also fits the neck..Great! I didn't throw it into the" what do I do with this bin." Next is another 6' Navajo plied handspun from one of my custom batts. This was also a practice yarn. All I do is wrap it around my neck 5 times let the ends hand and here it is, a nicely textured lariat. I loved this so much I spun another and will list it on Etsy. I may add a trinket to each hanging end. So there you have it, this week ideas for low yardage art yarns. Next week I'm going to have a few more ideas that will involves knitting and a weaving project. For the weaving project you don't have to have any knowledge of weaving. So be sure to check back for FAF ideas.  Farm news is... its hot, its hot, its hot! The animals have the kiddy pools and fans and they get nice cool carrot treats during the day and sprayed with the hose if they choose to. Not much else goes on in the heat in the barnyard. Everyone just lays in front of the fan taking an occasional splash in the kiddie pool, awaiting  night fall for the cooler temps.

Be well everyone, stay cool and spin or knit on! XO Pam

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